10 Big Coins That Have Lost a Major Portion of Their Value

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I recently came across the site Coingecko.com. While it mostly resembles Coinmarketcap, they do have a unique feature that lists the percentage of value lost since the coin's all time high. I just had to do a list of big coins that have lost a lot of value since their peak.


0 Bitcoin: For Reference, Bitcoin has lost 65% of it's value since it hit it's peak.


1 NEO (90%)

For such hype and the idea that it could compete with Ethereum, it has probably surprised a lot of people that NEO sits at less then $20 instead of nearly $200


2 Bytecoin (98%)

I guess old coins are not exempt from fading into the shadows and disappearing. From 0.15$ less then 6 months ago it has now dropped to less then 0.002$.


3 ZCash (96%)

Who could forget ZCash's wild ride and then dump? Hard to believe that it once surpassed Bitcoin's value, topping out at $3,192, which has now decreased to a whopping $124.


4 Bitcoin Gold (95%)

Being a Bitcoin clone with no real use, I was fond of predicting this fall. It has gone from $456 to 22.08.


5 Bitcoin Cash (87%)

Though not quite as much as some of the others, this was another fall I predicted a few times and enjoyed doing so (I seem hate some of these bitcoin clones, don't I). All the way from $3,786 to $482.


6 TRON (90%)

An attempt to decentralize the web that took the market by storm has sizzled out a bit and only holds about 10% of it's value at the highest point. All the way from 0.23$ to about 0.0224$.


7 NEM (95%)

Again, another older coin that has lost a lot of it's value recently. With similar losses to Bytecoin, it has gone from $1.87 to 0.095$.


8 Litecoin (84%)

While you may not think of Litecoin as having lost a lot of value, it actually has lost a fair amount; dropping from $361 to $58.


9 DASH (86%)

Another coin you may not consider to have lost substantial value if you don't follow the market closely, it has actually lost a good portion of it's value going from $1,494 to $203.


10 TETHER (6%)

While not a change like the other coins here, for a token that is supposed to always be at 1$ it actually hit $1.06 at one point; which was a 6% increase.



Well, I hope you found this list interesting, however it's also a testament to the importance of trading carefully and never investing more then you can afford to lose. Trade Safe!


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