Impressive Results! How I use the Golden Indicator Forecast System

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It's been two months since I started posting daily crypto analysis using the "Golden Indicator". The "Golden Indicator" is a price analysis tool which I developed and wrote code to implement. The "Golden Indicator System" is a multi time frame analysis system developed incorporating the "Golden Indicator" as the price analysis tool. The proprietary "Golden Indicator" is the heart and core of the system. It is my opinion that the "Golden Indicator" is a better price analysis tool than moving averages or other technical analysis tools currently available to the public.

I started using this system on 3/31/18. Daily I have published summary price analysis using the day's crypto price movement data for the "Top 10 Market Capitalization Cryptocurrencies". As of yesterday mid day (5/28/18) the Golden Indicator System has produced cumulative non-compounded returns of:

In summary, the "Moderate" trading method produced an average return of 58.22% profit over eight coins in two months time. The "Aggressive" trading method produced an average return of 67.78% profit over the same time period and coins. The daily analysis are all posted publicly in the blog for your review. Only eight coins were used in the analysis due to the fact that coin market capitalization changes caused the bottom two coins to shift in and out of the analysis. So those coins were not included.

A brief explanation of the system may be helpful for those who have not followed from the beginning. The Golden Indicator System consists of three individual price analysis. The time frames (price data sets) used are 365 day, 30 day and 7 day. An analysis is performed using the Golden Indicator on each of these price data sets. The three analysis each produce an "Up" or "Down" trend forecast. Those forecasts are combined to produce a "Current Rating" for each cryptocurrency on a scale of 0 to 7. 0 to 3 being "Bearish" or price having a tendency to go down. 4 to 7 being "Bullish" or price having a tendency to go up. (0-7 rating scale assumes 365 days of pricing data available which is not always the case) The core principles of the system are: 1. Everything must be mathematically based with no emotional input or interpretation required. 2. The system must produce output which is easy to understand and act upon.

The terms "Moderate" and "Aggressive" refer to the trading methodology used. In the "Moderate" trading method, coins with ratings of 0-3 are sold and coins with ratings 4-7 are purchased. In the "Aggressive" trading method, coins with ratings of 0-1 are sold, ratings of 2-5 are "no position" and rating of 6-7 are purchased.

As mentioned in the title, this is how I use the "Golden Indicator Forecast System". It is not intended as financial advice. If you choose to follow along, you do so at your own risk. Always remember: "Past performance does not necessarily indicate future results"...

Wishing you great success!

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