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This is so inspiring

Where is that?
The truth I thought that could only be seen in Venezuela.
Here you see very often street dentists, doing orthodontics, can you imagine?

Aw that's really sweet!!!

@nastybarbers this is such a heart warming picture. We need more people like this. Thank you for sharing @roadscape .Best wishes, - @splendorhub

Thats awesome! Is that you trimming up that guys hair? Faith in humanity is restored! I've been following you for a while, and you posts keep getting better! keep it up!


great work


I love the title and I love this "gesture".
Great one.

NICE! I am hairdresser beautician and healththerapist we did this a few years ago, we went with a few to antwerp and asked if we could mean anything for them, we cut hair, give a shave, and when they wanted to come to the shop, we gave them new (second hand) clothing and inspected their shoes. So many people are living on the street, without the need to, and without they deserved it. Incredible. I love what you do here! Hero....


Janine can I come for. A training?


for a training?

I love articles like this :) Brings back faith in humanity.

Love it. In the moment. The uber of haircuts :)

So inspiring, this shows that there are still people who cares about other. So lovely

pic of the day !!!

I just voted you..liked your thoughts and passions