Decentralized social network Yours first uses the Lightning Protocol Network

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Decentralized social network Yours first uses the Lightning Protocol Network

A decentralized social network of Yours is gradually approaching launch and another step in this direction was distribution of invites to the preview platform.

To get an invite users to visit the main project page and enter the email address.

As promised, the team is Yours, invites will be sent out in the coming weeks, but it is unclear whether their number, and will in this regard be given preference to those who signed one of the first.

Yours is often called a decentralized version of Reddit, and the main feature of the new platform should be a system of financial incentives to content creators who will be able to receive payments in bitcoins.

The launch was postponed several times, because the developers want to release as Mature product. Also in the process of rebranding has been made – the former name of Datt was replaced by Yours.

Meanwhile, the operating Director of the project Stephen McKee stresses that Yours will be the first social network that will use the Lightning Protocol Network to monetize content that was previously very difficult to monetize because of small size.

"I think we found a solution that would guarantee only the best content, which will be filed not only simple and fun way, but will reward its creators. It will be possible to send microtransactions in the amount of 5-10 cents," said McKee in an interview with Brave New Coin

Readers of the content in the terminology of Yours are called "curators", and in order to encourage them to implement small transactions to the authors of any content, the users who will vote for falling in top materials, will receive a share of subsequent donations (gratuities).

Another earning opportunity for users – create external links to Yours. It is also planned and a number of other incentives to attract people to the platform. However, as I am convinced Stephen McKee, from the first working day of Yours, in spite of the fact that part of the transaction will retain, a platform that generates income.

In addition to micropayments, will be decentralized and user data.

"In terms of identification, we plan to use something like what makes BlockStack. Users will full control over your data, providing only the information which you see fit to share. Also they fully control the private keys from their wallets and will be able at any moment without problems withdraw earned funds," added McKee.

Also, according to him, the project team is actively cooperating with potential investors and hopes that soon will be able to make a statement about the funding.

Recall that a few weeks ago the Creator of Yours Charles Ryan expressed doubts about the long-term success have become popular in recent years the platform Steemit.

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Keep up the great work @nastrom

Keep up the great work @nastrom

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