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Photography is one of the creative industries that helps us to have physical memories of glorious events that occurred in our lives being it a wedding ceremony, naming ceremony or a birthday party. Taking of pictures and the creating of art work have taken a new direction as many people now appreciate the works of digital creators. This sudden turn under all circumstances should have been a good idea but unfortunately it turned out that distributors and other advertising platforms were taking the major portion of the funds that comes out of the sales of creative works.

Furthermore, some platforms even go to the extent that they tend to dictate the terms under which creative works produced are licensed. Not trying to be judgmental but I am not sure anybody would like to give the rights of his/her work to somebody and it gets worse that they are not even paid fully for their own product. This is the level of unfairness that is being meted out to digital creators but Wemark proposes a solution that would put the creators upfront in terms of the work that they produced. The solution that Wemark proposes was explained in my first blog but in this piece I will be discussing the Wemark Protocol which illustrates into detail how this solution is going to be carried out.


The solution that Wemark proposes to digital creators would be illustrated on the Wemark Protocol which is based on the blockchain technology. Just as the name goes, Wemark Protocol lays down a specific structure through which digital works would be distributed and generate revenue to their creators. Below are the mechanisms that have been put in place on the Wemark Protocol to ensure that creators of digital content benefit from their products.

Untempered Terms and Conditions

With the use of the blockchain technology and its ledger system, the Wemark Protocol would ensure that terms and agreements that are reached between creators and distributing marketing places cannot be tempered with once signed by both parties. The terms of agreement which would be the licensing rights of the product and also the price of the content on the market. This system would ensure that distributing agencies don’t dictate to creators about licensing of the products and its price. The agreement will only be accepted unto the blockchain platform only if both parties are satisfied with the terms and agreements upon which the product is agreed upon. This would give creators the upper hand of hand of also putting their terms across since they have been treated unfairly for quite sometime now.

Wemark Automated Payment System

One of the things that could even break a long-time friendship is misunderstanding about some payment of monies. Wemark protocol on the other hand avoids this scene by establishing an automated system of payment which would be based on the use of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies we know are transferred on a peer-to-peer network which does not make use of any central mediator but rather with the use of smart contract.
According to the licensing terms and agreements that was reached in between the digital creator and the distribution agency each would be paid directly by the Wemark Platform to avoid any form of unfairness or cheating which is mostly done by the distributing agency.

Blockchain Storage system

The blockchain ledger system is known for its ability of recording data safely unto its system in a very simple way for quick future reference and also to prevent unauthorized third-party systems form having access to it. With the help of the blockchain ledger system links connecting to digital works would be saved and the actual media content would be saved on a decentralized cloud storage system.
This open source storage system would allow customers to have access to the media files so far as they have made payment for it on the Wemark platform.








We have all been in the situation whereby we really want a product of the media whereby we struggle so hard to get it because we really don’t know where exactly to get it or the pain of combing through many distribution platforms is enough to prevent us from searching.
The days whereby customers of digital works would have to comb through distributing platforms and other sales points just to search for a product is over since with Wemark all you have to do is to register on the platform, be an active member and you can have access to the works of countless number of products in a very simply and highly efficient way. Wemark, bring digital products to you at an affordable price with the help of blockchain technology.

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With Wemark protocol being established on the blockchain technology will ensure that digital works are protected from all sorts of plagiarism. Great job team

Thanks for your comment buddy.

Thanks for sharing such an insightful project. Blockchain technology is indeed transforming our world...

There is even more to come on the blockchain. Let's embrace WeMark idea.

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