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Interaction, Transaction or Negotiation done through a Central Control Systems has always generated a whole lot of problems. Many are the solutions that have ever since being proposed but none fits this situation better than the blockchain technology. News about the blockchain technology is spreading all across the globe like a wile fire and many crypto enthusiasts are amazed by its benefits in several ways. The blockchain technology was invented by an unknown person popularly known by the false name is Satoshi Nakamoto over a decade ago to serve as the distributed ledger for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

One of Satoshi’s vision upon inventing the blockchain technology was to reduce the chain of transactions by designing decentralized platforms so that users can interact directly with each other without any form of intermediary. The success story of bitcoin in being used to make transactions led to the development of several other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Namecoin etc. Crypto enthusiasts have also realized that not only the financial industry can benefit from the blockchain technology hence many institutions and corporations have inculcated the blockchain technology in the running of their activities.

The use of decentralized systems and the investment into cryptocurrencies have led to the development of numerous cryptocurrency exchange platforms which serve as a trading platform. Many are the exchange platforms but prominent among them are Kraken, Binance, DigiFinex, Bittrex etc. In as much as all these cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been developed to serve the crypto community, most average crypto noobs are not able to interact with ease on most cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The good news is that Ethershift is a new platform that has been designed to make the exchange of ERC 20 compatible tokens in a very simple way.


Ethershift makes trading among ERC 20 compatible tokens very simple and easy through a very simplified platform. Ethershift saves users the trouble of singing up on different exchange platforms and also having to interact on complex user interface which makes cryptocurrencies trading quite difficult. All that users on the Ethershift platform have to do, is to designate the number of tokens which they want to trade unto a special address which is going to be generated by the system depending on the exchange platform where the tokens are being being traded on and also specify the tokens which he want to receive in return. The system automatically calculates the required number of tokens that is going to be received by the user depending on the current exchange value and this is returned to the user in the shortest time possible.

Another issue that most people face with current exchange platform is that most collect sensitive data from users in the form of Know Your Customer process which sometimes is very disturbing. Some even go to the extent of taking details of utility bills and in the case of any breach of the security systems of the exchange platform all these sensitive informations are leaked out to unauthorized third parties which is very dangerous to the security of the registered members.

Ethershift saves users the trouble of going through all these process as it does not require users to undergo any Know Your Customer process. Exchange on Ethershift is as simple as any crypto noob can imagine.
Another benefit of Ethershift that cannot be overlooked is that it also allows exchange platforms to run their operations on the platform of Ethershift for quick and easy trading among crypto enthusiasts. This simply means that with Ethershift in place crypto enthusiasts would not have to be bothered by signing up on several exchange platforms but rather could interact with several other exchange platform through just one platform. This sounds very great and it would go a long way to boost the interest of other several people who find it difficult to interact on cryptocurrency exchange platform due to how complex most of them look like.

In addition to all these services Ethershift also secures the funds of its users by making available a hardware wallet where users can store their funds to prevent the unauthorized access of any third-parties such as fraudsters and cyber fraudsters. Many are the stories of several cryptocurrency being hacked leading to the loss of huge amount of funds of users on such platforms. The use of hardware wallet has proven to be among one of the safest possible ways to secure your cryptocurrency portfolio.


The potential of this project has resulted into a successful series of Pre-Sales. Luckily enough the sale of the Ethershift Tokens is still ongoing and you can participate to become an investor of this project. Visit the link below to partake in the token sales now.

token sales.png


The development of this project would be carried out through the milestones as displayed below:


This project is being spearheaded by a group of crypto enthusiasts who having the same vision of Satoshi in making transactions very simple have designed a platform that would make it possible for users to easily exchange ERC 20 compatible tokens without going through the stress of registering on an exchange wallet.


Satoshi Nakamoto made the payment for transactions very simpler by introducing cryptocurrency to us well Ethershift makes transactions among different ERC 20 compatible tokens very simple for its users. No need to stress yourself over signing up on several crypto exchange platforms and also submitting sensitive information about yourself.

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Nice article. Your claims about the difficulty in the sending of tokens on some exchanges are very true. I have had some challenges myself during trading on some platforms. But why is it that Ethershift is only operating only with the use of ERC20 compatible tokens and not other cryptocurrencies. Anyway this is a very solid project that is very needed at this point in time in the cryptosphere because of the high amount of ERC20 compatible tokens that are being developed almost everyday.

[email protected] seem to be following up on this project very keenly. Well trading on most exchange platforms actually sucks these days with all the numerous and different interfaces that other cryptocurrency exchange platform has. However with the establishment of Ethershift cryptopreneurs would have the opportunity to conduct transactions among ERC20 Compatible very easy.

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