Monthly Logical Analysis of Bitcoin

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Monthly Logical Analysis of Bitcoin

As of March 1, the price is now 46,300


First, the resistors, which if the price closes a two-day candle above it, he must go beyond:

🔴 Primary logical resistance: 48,000

🔴 second logical resistance: 52,000

🔴 third logical resistance: 55,000

🔴 Fourth logical resistance: 58,000

🔴 62000 logical resistance

🔴 Sixth logical resistance 65,000

🔴 seventh logical resistance 70,000


Secondly, the supports, which if the price closes at the bottom by a two-day candle, it must drop to what follows:

🟢 First logical support: 46,000 weak

2nd logic support: 44,000 average

🟢 Third logic support: 42,000 strong

Fourth logical support: 37,800 landing areas (once this support is touched, we will enter the bear market 🐻)

(All supports are good areas to buy with a financier) 💸

⚫️ area of ​​uncertainty: 48,000 to 43,000
(My day closes above the top, it rises to the next resistance and closes below it, it drops to the next support) and what is between them fluctuates.

🌊 The bottom of the descending wave so far, 43000, and by closing above 48000, we will not see this bottom again until Bitcoin completes its next logical peak.

Important numbers for you, dear trader 👇
Safety is our maintenance of the 48000☘ area
☠ The risk is that we lose 42000

📉📈 Market condition: financial management buying areas.

🚨 General condition:

💚 The market is in an assembly phase with the aim of striking the above-mentioned resistors, God willing, up to 60,000 areas, God willing.

🕰 The time required to confirm the ascent is until tomorrow, God willing, and the mark of the ascension is a daily close or two four-hour candles above 48000

🟢 The month of March is logically a green month, provided that two weeks are closed above 48,000, God willing.

💭 My personal vision:

🟢 The correction has ended, and the trend is now up to hit the above-mentioned resistances in order, the most important of them being 48000, which is the key to the upside, God willing, and we are now at the bottom of a new upward wave that targets the 60,000 areas, God willing, and there is nothing to worry about, but trading should be by using strict financial management.

Absolutely release me from any decision you make, so follow your analysis and base your decisions on it, and this analysis is only a participation from us.