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DigiByte has become the first cyrptocurrency to activate SegWit.

This happened just moments ago so it's time to tune in and watch the results. I'm a supporter of increasing the block size on BTC but I'm also very interested in how SegWit performs. Using an altcoin to test this code is ideal. I just learned about DigiByte today and purchased some so I'll be following it closely moving forward.

More information here:


test please ignore

yes I have lots of digibytes, i just hope poloniex doesnt delist it!

Is there a reason they would delist it?

So less than a month later Digibyte is up over 200%! I'm betting it won't get de-listed. Hopefully you made some money on this.

I have a few on poloniex aswell

Less than a month later and it's up over 200%! Congrats on your investment.

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