When all else fails... Ban Bitcoin

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Fun with photoshop
- ban bitcoin -


- together -


- blank -
let's see what captions you all can come up with


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pooh vs euro us hodling.png


now u will be able tpo GPOU mine bitcoin with botcoin gold LOL

Nice funny post on the china banned the bitcon enchange

nice post, well trying to ban bitcoins is just like trying to ban rain, impossible.

no panic on titanic.

Nice sharing.well china will in loss in near future because of bitcoin..they will be way behind from us. Try to ban bitcoin is just like to ban a flood impossible.

"When they can't find anything wrong about you, they create it".

Interesting post @mynameisbrian!

Ban bitcoin because I don't control (decentralized money) it.

better then others.

some people might call it a bubble
or a balloon ready to pop
the market might be 'bear'ish at times
but we know better
we're in it for the long time

whether china is pointing at us or not,
we won't be distracted, we keep smiling, believing and HODLing to see it rise and rise...

Sorry, no inspiration.

Bitcoin Banner.02.jpg

Nice cartoon we love the bitcoins

Posts like this remind me how successful steemit will be!