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Your time is done old man!

When your parents know it's time to sell

With the role reversal at play, I could see the kid saying “Ask your daughter.” But the ice cream distraction is better.

They're pooped out of giant robots....

I thought of "The Birds And The Bees" when I read the talk!

How about the "The Ledger and the Merkle Trees"?

"Well, there's this stork..."

Uhhh... Haha.....ummm... I heard you are a vegan now! Tell me about it...

Mooom! Dad's showing me dirty pics from his phone again!

extraordinary @mynameisbran
hopefully more developed than the previous

mmm ... brought by the stork of Paris. Dad, you are still too old to understand!

"Dad, can we go shop something called a Lambo, it is hot among my fiends"

"You're not young enough, dad."

Kid: First tell me, where did I come from!!

"From the intangible goodness of decentralized systems silly! Now let's go HODL some ice-cream! "