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If you like to get forked, urine luck!

What a thug! It cracks me up that Bitcoin cash is the same logo with the B tilted to the left instead of the right. The n00bs were already super confused now they have two Bitcoin's and now they are so mind blown they don't remember their last names anymore.


You can take me, but you cannot take my bunghole.... For I have no bunghole....

I use to follow Roger before as there were not too many video on youtube before. I thought he is a genius guy and knows much about bitcoin but later I came to know that he just got lucky with pile of Bitcoin stash and now blabbering some shixxy things about Bitcoin. And now I may be knowing the internals of Bitcoin way more than this selfish fellow.
Even they copied the logo for Bitcoin Cash by just tilting the B, you kidding me. That shows their intention of confusing people by using the credibility of a well established crypto. The giant pools and people like Roger sees the self interest in exploiting this Bitcoin opportunity and indirectly centralizing the power to them if Cash succeeds.
Now I follow Andreas Antonopoulos thoroughly and do extensive research before investing my hard earned money in cryptos.
Roger Ver is now promoting Dash, another company which pays well known crypto people to market their coin. I won't be surprised to see starts to have Dash logo in coming days.


HAHAHAHA - love it man
Boy oh boy, how he is wrong though

Lol nice one mate.

Wow, very funny and amazing bitcoin picture. @naz722


I took the liberty of editing your comment to make it more accurate...

Wow, very funny and amazing bitcoin picture



Funny bitcoin picture

but I wish bitcoin improve and get powerful and powerful bro @mynameisbrian

Whats Up!?

.......... lol ...........



Whats Up Wit You!?

.......... lol ...........

Epic hahahaha lol

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

got alot of bitcoin in your system, peeing them out !!! we could just send you our btc addresses ; wouldn't want to see you popping out some btc.

Fork all teh memes!

I'd hold off celebrating prematurely. There's a lot more "race to run" when it comes to BCH. They aren't out of the woods yet.

I hope Jihan Wu and Roger Ver get rid of all their btc for bch so those idiots will no long effect the btc sphere. Fork off for good.