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Let's panic.


Sounds like a good plan


And ... under it went. Run in circles, scream and shout.

Bitcoin has had its day. Time for the 'alts' to take over!


As long as they are my 'alts' I'm okay with that

no matter how low, bitcoin will still be the leader of the crop.


Sadly =(

It's so alarming the rate at which it decreases these days these beautiful comic by you just explain everything

I guess after that rise in the fall, the crash had to come at some point. :/ It's a wild ride alright.

Amazing your post

At least it will still be more valuable than fiat money. Smart contracts now are doing better job like Ethereum and Neo :) I believe in them a lot

Wy not, how up can you go?

Very good and funny post.

Funny post

nice funny post

If bitcoin fails then all crypto will fall but bitcoin will grow over time more and more people are just finding out about crypto and its going to grow way more by the end of the year its just a matter of time, also it will grow because there is only 21 million bitcoin so if every millionaire wanted to buy just one bitcoin they couldn't because there are over 36 million millionaires on the plante and only 21 million bitcoin ever so it will moon again