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Today I started my first investment in #dropil. - REFERRAL

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Their product is an automated trading system that invests for you.
The only thing you need to do is buy their token and deposit them in their platform, that is called DEX.
The minimum for investing is $50.00 dolars in $DROPS

You can buy #DROPS in TIDEX or in IDAX that are the two exchanges with more volume.

The idea is for you to #HODL your #DROPS and re invest until you have a good amount of passive income.
There is a lockup period of 15 days, so you will have your rewards every 15 days, although you can cancel your investment and recover your DROPS, but you will loose your rewards.

They also have a bot called Arthur that gives you #arbitrage opportunities (this means that some coins are cheaper at some exchange and you can sell them in other exchange and have a good % even after paying the transfer fees). With this there is a #Telegram channel that locks to your account so you can have these insights quickly. You can even set the alarms for certain coins and exchanges. So it looks pretty good.

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First you deposit your DROPS in your profile, afterwards you select how many DROPS will go to DEX contract, you can open several risk profiles and end dates (this last statement I'm not completely sure, will update you soon).

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There are 3 investment profiles or risk pools SAFE MODERATE AGGRESSIVE - If you are in #crypto... early stages... why don't , aggressive will be! This way I can tell you if the risk is worth the rewards.

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I will tell you in 15 days my first impressions and the development of my investment.

Remember... #DYOR and always, always, always use stop/loss.

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