Bitcoin slumps, this twins Boys Is No Longer So Billionaire

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Being able to reap a fortune in a short time is not necessarily successful to make someone into a billionaire in a long time. This is what happened to two twin brothers, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

Two of these young men had become a conversation because they are able to enter the list of world billionaires. Wealth can be earned thanks to Bitcoin investments. Unfortunately, it does not last long.


At Wednesday's close, Bitcoin's value plunged below $ 10,000. As a result, each Winklevoss must be willing to lose US $ 443 million. Bitcoin's value slumped 10 percent to US $ 9,544. This is the first time this digital currency is traded under US $ 10 thousand.

However, this does not make the twin scared. When talking with Bloomberg, they said they would still invest in Bitcoin because they believe the digital currency could have a value increase of up to 10 - 20 fold.


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