Investment Opportunity: Horizon State

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  • Horizon State offers a secure digital ballot box that technology provides a hack-free voting experience that is secure and anonymous for voters.

  • In early 2017, Horizon State tested the technology in for Australia’sMiVotemembership, validating the technology with 4 nationally inclusive polls that committed thousands of votes to the Ethereum public blockchain.

  • Used for corporate/municipal/NGO/organizational voting as well as political. Reduces voting costs by 10-15x per vote.

  • Presented at the UN in New York

  • “We are excited to share this vision with the world. Currently, we are engaged with global NGOs, multinational enterprises, national governments, and city councils. The future of e-voting will incorporate the technology we already have at our fingertips to deliver the opportunity to vote conveniently and securely, perhaps without ever having to leave your home.” - Jamie Skella, Co-Founder

  • HST token: 29 million circulating supply, 48 million total. ICO price was 0.00016 eth per (1 ETH = 6000). Their was a larger supply but it was unsold at ICO and was permanently locked

  • 3 exchanges announced: Kucoin, Cryptopia, and Livecoin. Devs stated in the slack that Binance is 'not off the table' and indicated they will try to list there.

  • Only trading on Etherdelta currently but trading begins on Kucoin on Sunday.

  • Partnership announcements with multinational corporations and cities coming before Christmas

  • Clients must buy HST tokens to use the Horizon State voting platform which increases value of tokens. Horizon State devs have said they are strongly considering burning used tokens to decrease the supply + appreciate value


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