Why Not To Invest In BitCoin For Now!

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My Opinion After Getting So much people thoughts and reading so much analysis and so much knowledge about the Bitcoin finally i am coming to my analysis actually my prediction and my Own Opinion .

Actually What People Are thinking that bitcoin has a crash and will has fallen From 20000$ to 15000$ ,People were expecting that it will go to 30000$ after chainess New Year. But that was went against all analysis due to fake news and banned reports in different countries. Which make no proper reason for such a big fall .

Now what people are thinking and gonna doing is that bitcoin has so much fall and its time to buy more bitcoin as much as we can but what i am thinking at the current situation that bitcoin fall is just a drama and a fake fall. to make people believe that bitcoin is gonna get back up soon .

People are trying to buy more and bitcoin with this crash !

In my opinion bitcoin will fall more if people invest more here in bitcoin recently market is just playing with the investors and they are making people double minded to be a fool and they invest with such thoughts that bitcoin is going to rise soon because they went to 20000$ already in December.

We should remember that once bitcoin were at 1$ its also possible it went to that price as well. we should be more care full in order to make high invest in bitcoin and other crypto currency at the current time.

It is dropping slowly and people are investing that now it will go up and now it will go up and from last month it is drops with no proper reason .

Let Have a proper discussion about on this matter before making a big investment.

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Never invest more than you can afford to lose. I dont like losing sleep. Who wants unnecessary anxiety? If these question are mirrored in your thinking you very well have broken some investing rules. If your reading this post your at least interested in this exciting sector. There was a time when i was nervous about 1900$ btc. Im not there, i would buy bitcoin now if only for one current factor. Alt coins are severly and irrationaly undervalued. Value is driven by consensus as mainstream barrier continue to move alt coins with the fundamentals will begin a decoupling. The explosive gains of 2017 are on hiatus but this sector is abuzz in loyalty optimism and unbridaled optimism. If btc makes you nervous look around there are currently value plays at every corner. Btc is the gateway im buying and accumulating alts.

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Yes, you have a point there. What I think is that if you want to make some profit and are planning to invest some money then don't go for bitcoin. In fact try to look for other cheap coins and buy them now when we have a bear market. I am sure in future we will soon have bull market and then there are more chances of that coin going from one dollar to three as compared to bitcoin going from 10k to 30k.

The market goes in waves, so following the flow and buy after a long bear and hold until a long bull is safest bet.
Long term btc will go up hugely, but short term maybe best bet is to join my contest :)

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Nah I don't really agree... Bitcoin will break new ATH's for sure this year... Better than losing your money in all the shitcoins...

I would bet my house that a new BTC ATH will come. You are just spreading FUD to get some cheap bitcoin.

Good luck and more power to you!

I believe you made a very good point. BTC is playing with our emotions lately... @muhammadadil

you should have wrote this post earlier it could have saved me from such a big loss. i have invested money in steem when it was on 6$ and it went down right away. took a loan and now i gotta pay back but have no idea from where. invest wisely people

I have a feeling it will drop big..but who knows.Will see.

I think it's about use cases and in that regard I see more benefit from Ethereum, EOS or NEO. I think on the long run they will overtake Bitcoin. But Bitcoin is OG, it will never lose it's value, I am confident once cap is reached there might even be a short burst in price.

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I love the thoughts and summary of the analysis you have been doing. I feel that in a couple years, we will be laughing about the $8884.49 price-point that Bitcoin is currently sitting at. Good lucky to everyone in their cryptocurrency journey.

Very good post. I wrote in my blog about my about a friend who got into bitcoin just because others had made money. She took out a loan to buy bitcoin and now is in financial trouble. I will up vote this post as a proper discussion on responsibility does need to take place before anyone makes a large investments in bitcoin.

Sir you are great, I would like to say you thanks for everything.
I respect you. You can write everything pretty well.
I find the sweetness in your writing.
You are an outstanding personality.
Thanks for all your activities.

As bitcoin is seen as gold in the cryptocurrency market​ and if some real and fake have significant impact on bitcoin economy. so accordingly​ invest low or invest the amount you can think of losing it completely​ and not having a breakdown. Platforms like steam it​, mycelia​ and other are currently a better alternative to stay on rather than trading.

Why not invest in mannabase?

It's important to understand that every market will always be influenced by the laws of demand and supply. And these laws are being influenced by a lot of factors -- internal and external factors. The crypto market is not immune to these factors. The most important thing is to understand these factors and how they affect the crypto market. Then, you'll be able to manage your crypto investments well.

If you haven't got any bitcoin you should buy a little bit now from a friend that does too experiment with how the system works once you've sent and received one transaction I think you will understand the beauty of this system :)

what i've been thinking recently is that, bitcoin helped a lot of people to prosper so its now time for bitcoin to harvest and also make their profit and then it will be win win for everyone...

Thanks for this great post 👍

in a year, this period will be so insignificant because bitcoin will have rose so much

Go with smartcash and be smart.

All expectations may occur a lot with new currencies

There's an atom of sense in your opinion sir.. I am also thinking that Bitcoin will not rise soon as many people think. With the look of things, it may sink more

Thank you for sharing this @muhammadadil

thanks for your feedback i am sure it is not going up it look like a well plan game

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The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

All the best for a bright future! May there be success at every turn of life and all your dreams come true!

Personally I think the case of Bitcoin is not over yet. There are certain zones (supports) where people buy but think that the case of Bitcoin is far from over (you can even buy Bitcoin again for 2000-3000 $). The recovery phase will take longer this time until the Bitcoin reaches all-time highs again!

This is really great point to discuss the current price situation of Bitcoin. I don't know about the others. I still keep buying more BTC with DCA method at each month. Thanks @muhammadadil for open for discussion. :-)

I tthink bitcoin is falling and it may not get to 30000$ soon,but am praying for the best

well its a market and if it just go up and up from where it wil pay to us i am wodering about this

The bad thing about its falling is that,it affects the other coins also.

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Thank you,

Investing is a commitment with the rest of the community, globally and the Bitcoin crypto. It is the first one of a new technology that will open new scenarios in the future. Totally optimistic. News are much more volatile than cryptos, news can be fakes, news could be simply rumors...
Well, stay safe, protect your capital but don't loose your grip on this fantastic journey in Bitcoin. Good investment to all of you!

I agree, there are outside factors, ie: certain countries may be creating fake news to undermine bitcoin. as for rises and falls, thats expected in any trading property. so I guess thats natural. keep your eyes peeled for fluctuations.

The; bad thing ;about its falling is that;it affects; the other? coins also????

I'm new to steemit so I'm just getting up to speed on how it all works. That caveat aside, you bring up an important topic.

The crypto markets are extremely volatile at this point in time. A single news item such as the troubles with Binance and Japanese regulators can push prices up or down with breathtaking speed. Even worse, a few hours after the bad Binance news hit, another article showed up about Binance moving to Malta which is a much friendlier jurisdiction when it comes to crypto. If you are trying to trade the dips and peaks you have to sit in front of your computer all day and watch for these types of announcements so you can react. Who has that much time?

The real question for anyone investing (not day trading) in this space is not today's price but what crypto and blockchain will become as the markets mature. Riding out the volatility takes nerves of steel. If you really believe that this tech is going to transform business and finance, then you should hold on for the ride. Just don't put any more into your portfolio than you can afford to lose.

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Bitcoin is the best for invest. But bitcoin is also have a big risk.
Althoug big risk, if I have much money I will buy some bitcoint.

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I think it just depends on an investor's risk tolerance personally. I'd be more than happy to shoulder a bit more risk and increase my potential rewards, but I know plenty of people who feel crypto as a whole is too risky.

Invest in Vechain! :)

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sometimes I am shocked by the bitcoin market, sometimes the price drops drastically, what causes it

You should also consider tether manipulation, @runicar wrote about it recently, but his prognoses are far more controversial. I'm afraid that he made valid point, backed up by few decent arguments. Cheers

Bitcoin it is money the royal Wordl digital Invest mannabase

People are always trying to golden rule of investment. Buy low, sell high.
But both could be challenging.
Buying low: you never know when the bottem of a dip has been reached. Most of the time, the dip is followed by an even deeper dit.
Selling high: this is even harder to predict, the ultimate bottom can be predicted because this is 0, but the top. Mmhh. impossible. That's why you should have a selling plan! Not selling every coin at once, but some % of your share.

Back to BTC. I do think that it will rise again. It can be best compared to gold, but then a digital version of it. Big companies are spreading the FUD because they do see their reason for existence vaporize. Maybe they don't believe in the cryptos, but for sure see lots of potential in the underlying blockchain technology. The companies, who are playing the middle men in lots of transaction are at risk. Their shareholders will be mostly bank and big investmentfunds. So they will not let it go down without a fierce fight, this is what is going on at the moment.
Once we will see some mild regulation of the cryptomarket, the non investors will have more trust about the cryptomarket and will start to invest, this fresh money will bring the crypto markets to new heights!
My 2 cents.

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Good analysis for those who want to invest on BTC at present.

Big risk indeed, but is there anywhere any investment without risk? With that possibly revenue? If you believe it, jump to it with money you can miss, maybe in few months/years will be the price that high, that the entry will be much more nonsense for many

i think were just in a state of volatility and noone should be making purchases, unless theyre confident swing traders, until the price stablizes. everyone is extremely bullish on bitcoin hitting 100k this year but i think it likely to fall to 6k before shooting up to even 20k again

There is nothing wrong with Bitcoin investment, at least not right now. But there is everything wrong if you just go with one investment. I always prefer to divide my investment and that’s why I love upcoming ICOs.

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The invention of this technology is superb getting involved is the coolest decision... Cos it has a room to grow further than it is.

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I have no idea about crypto currency but all these posts are getting me more and more ready to join in.
First I gotta get more confident in crypto.

I think the lighting network will save the bitcoin. The two biggest problems the speed of transactions and the transaction costs will be so small that the bitcoin will raise again.
In my opinion with the Lightning network we can reach 60.000 USD this year.
But Nice Content Men i like your post!!!