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Mata uang kripto masih diprediksi jadi investasi yang seksi tapi tetap dengan risiko

Fear of the decline in the price of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is suddenly still warm discussed. Is it true that the future of digital money is getting worse in 2018? - Crypto currency became a byword in 2017 yesterday. The price of the king of the crypto currency: Bitcoin continues to skyrocket.

Early in the week of August, Bitcoin set a record: for the first time, the price of 1 Bitcoin is more expensive than 1 ounce of gold. It was equivalent to US $ 4 thousands, or about Rp55-56 million.

When viewed more backward, folding is more bombastic. In 2012, the price of 1 BTC (unit Bitcoin) about US $ 15, now? The price is more than US $ 15 thousand, was predicted to touch US $ 60 thousand in 2018.

Observers are divided, some consider this to be good: as a progression, others are on the way that the trend will last a long time. Commonly referred to as Bitcoin Bubble-a condition of the price of an item continues to skyrocket to form a bubble, which is feared may break at any time.

"Call it a 'bubble' if you like, but can you really get away from crypto currency?" Reveal the market analysis expert Naeem Aslam, open his writing on Forbes about the prediction of the fate of crypto currency in 2018.

Aslam who has crypto currency like Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin this during the year 2018, investment in crypto currency will still be a trend and will at all be detrimental. He himself did not deny that talking about bubbles makes sense. "Seeing this number for you who think no longer stopped again (incident) this is a bubble, because the growth of this big segment has never happened before," Aslam wrote.

However, the most important question of the condition is: can you still make your money think this? "The blunt answer: if you can survive the loss of money that will not change your life, then bet," he said.

Aslam mean, if the average American aged 20-64 years is US $ 27 thousand to 50 thousand per year, then an investment of US $ 100 just will not interfere financially.

In Aslam's calculations, while looking at the development of the crypto currency over the years, a $ 100 investment in Ripple in January 2018 will cost US $ 35,259 in the month. Even in the not so high crypto currency of MaidSafeCoin, it will still make $ 948 by the end of the year.

"If an investor dares to plant US $ 100 on the 10 highest crypto currencies valuations, the total profit is up to US $ 64,707," Aslam added.

Still from the Forbes report, Kenneth Rapoza, other crypto currency observers also saw a bright future for these digital money investment investors. He sees Etherum, NEO, and Ripple as an example of another crypto currency ever stretched.

Etherum for example, is not too popular like Bitcoin in its early presence. In the first 18 months the exchange rate of 1 ETH is only about 10 US dollars. New in March then rose slowly, and peaked with the value of US $ 395 equivalent in June 2017, although again fell to US $ 155 in July.

However, since it first came out in 2015, the Ether value - the Ethereum currency design - rose to 2,300 percent by mid-second quarter-2017. Now, in the first 24 hours of January, the total value of traded Ether coins is worth up to US $ 3 billion.

Total market capitalization of Ether reached US $ 84.12 billion. "Which means, the Russian-developed blockchain technology is now worth about $ 15 billion more than Brazil's controlled oil company, Petrobras. A company with more than 60 years of experience in the oil and gas market, "said Rapoza.

The current market capitalization of Petrobras is about US $ 71 billion with assets worth real money, unlike Ether.

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In Indonesia, the number of enthusiasts alias crypto currency investors are also growing. According to Bitcoin Indonesia, the largest domestic exchanger company, there are about 550 thousand people who have joined to invest. Though only recorded about 50 thousands of people in 2015.

Bitcoin, introduced in 2009, as a global digital payment tool with no geographical boundaries, began to disrupt into commodity goods-used as an investment asset. Bitcoin is touted as "digital gold".

Oscar Darmawan, CEO of, said the term "Bitcoin Bubble" confused him. "Speculation about Bitcoin is Bubble has been around since the price of 1 Bitcoin is still one dollar, 100 dollars, and 1,000 dollars. And until now there is still bubble speculation. Bitcoin price up and down it, I think is still reasonable, "said Oscar to Tirto.

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However, different perspectives from the Indonesian government. Bank Indonesia (BI), as the regulator actually assess investing in crypto currency is very high risk. "I want to say that the risk is something that should not be taken lightly, it is something that should not be regretted if there are people who want to know more about Bitcoin," said BI Governor Agus Martowardojo at the Bank Indonesia complex in Jakarta on Monday (11/12 / 2017) as quoted from Antara.

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As a currency or a means of payment, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are denied. Because in the law in Indonesia, he is not valid if used as a means of payment. However, its circulation is by no means forbidden, as long as it is considered a commodity, like gold.

Now only your courage: take the risk or not, amid the uncertainty of "digital money" will happen double or bubble?

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