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in #bitcoin3 years ago

I was looking for a long position to enter and came across CIVIC/BITCOIN
It has been on uptrend as you can seen on the 4hr charts.

It recently bounced off the trend light perfectly.

On the 2hr charts, a resistance level around 0.0007639 is the next obstacle. The price is respecting its own trend line. The MACD is heading upwards

On the 1hr charts, the resistance level is more obvious and the moving averages are all heading trending upwards.

Target prices would be 0.0009137 (previous high) and up to 0.00010839 (which goes back to Aug and Sept)

Good luck. Trade at your own risk.


It will be around $10 by May 2018. Just try buying $100 worth of it at $1 which is now and watch it grow like a baby.