Making a plan- New Life day 4

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I figured out what I wanted to achieve , the next thing was to get my first Altcoin. I started with $0.00 and I wanted to get some coins without fiat. I began with faucets. Some of them where scams or sites that looked like they were going to pay you, but in fact, they used the time I spent on their site for their analytics or to try to hack my wallet. After trail and error, and getting to the designated amounts for payout, I found the following faucets to be really good:
• Dash -
• Bitcoin -
• Dogecoin -
• Litecoin -
• Bitcoin Cash -

All of these are linked to your Coinpot wallet where you can exchange these coins between each other based on market rate. You can also transfer your coins for free once you get to your withdrawal limit.
This is what I did when I got to $10. I transferred all of my coins to dash and transferred them to yobit (you can use ). I think this was a great starter trading platform. I bought 3 thousand various Random coins. I bought low and sold high, but wasn’t very good at first. I made a few dollars and lost half of that. I had no idea what I was buying (some coins got delisted) and I was doing more gambling than trading.
I guess you win some and lose some while you are learning.
To be continued...


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