Bitcoin just hit 7000$

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

After a long time Bitcoin again hits 7k border. From few months the crypto market has been struggling but today again crypto market pumps. Bitcoin is the most precious coin as it never be down. Steem and Steam Dollars also pump. Steem is now only 0.99$ and Steem Dollar 1.03$.


2017 was the biggest year for cryptos but we still don't see any magic in 2018. Hope again we can see some magic in the end of 2018. Because there is always a big hope on crypto market. I never be disappointed here. And also believe crypto investors are the future billionaire. So guys don't get discouraged by the price of crypto. Up and down is normal fact in crypto platform. Invest more in crypto to be a gainers. Thanks all for reading.

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So glad to hear this.
I think they drop it and then back up and one day out of reach for many.
I know I should have been putting more in. Just been sitting. Love it.
Have a wonderful day.

Now watch steem take off .. yay