5 Rules You Must Follow When Playing The HYIP Game

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

A lot of people that know that I used to run my very own HYIP ask me all the time what they should join and how much money they should put into the program. I never tell anyone what they should put their money into or how much they should invest as I never want to be the person to have the finger pointed at if things do not work out.

However, in this above video I share the some vital principals that allowed me to keep more of my money when I was actually playing in this space called the "5 Rules You Must Follow When Playing The HYIP Game".

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Hm invest that much which do not bankrupt you.


@driouch I totally agree.

Nice one!

Good video. I invested in Coinex lol. Even though I did not lose much, I would say it was a good lesson. HYIP is worse than gambling in my opinion. :)


@mountrock thank you for your feedback. Even though HYIP's are very risky I know a lot of people that have made a fortune from them. It is all about timing and luck.

fools and thier money are soon parted, HYIP is classic example


@majorleeblunt yep and unfortunately many learn this only after it is too late to turn back the clock.

The best rule is to ignore it however if you are a risk taker, then get in on the 1st day and get out fast ie after taking your gains...
Good post from you buddy.


@charles1 yes if you aren't a risk taker then this video is definitely of no value to you. However, for those that are these are words of wisdom that I lived by when playing the HYIP game many years ago.

Get in first and get out fast lol :)


@stackin that was definitely the plan when I was playing the HYIP game.

Thank you kingscrown for the updates. It helps to analyzed the list. Large moves in play.

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HYIPs are not meant for everyone, those who want to be on the safer side and are incapable of taking risks, they should always avoid them.


@rocksg agreed and that is why I no longer play in this space as I no longer wish to take the same risks I did many years ago.


wise decision buddy.


@rocksg thank you for your feedback.

Hi Mr. Walt, first let me say I enjoy your videos, as you give good advice and dont rush. In addition you seem to post about trading a lot which is right up my alley. I frequently post articles instead of videos, but enjoy watching others. If interested in up to date crypto posts, maybe you should consider having a look at my posts and see if i am worthy of a follow. In any case, Ill follow you going forward. Till next time! Cheers


@attalis I'm glad that you enjoy my videos as I try to post my experiences to help others avoid mistakes that I have made. I have followed you and will gladly check out your posts.

thank you for all the helpful information ♥


@driouch glad that you found the information helpful.

The rule is to be contented with the little you have, they are not meant for financial freedom


@honourmaus yep there is no easy road to long term substantial financial freedom.

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@rakibulce thanks for stopping by as I'm following you and will definitely be checking out your content.

nice advice sir "" resteemed and upvoted


@lordmp27 glad that you liked it.

LOL, I loved this video. I am not too familiar with HYIP. But Brother you covered all angles. Bottom line is invest at your own risk and past performance is not indicative to future performance. " You may log on to a white screen", "once you double your money ( basically with the house money ) run". Loved it!