Bitcoin Hardfork Night!!!! Chilling with the kids and a little info on ADSactly!!!!!

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Hope you all have your bitcoin tucked in tight or miss out on potentially getting free BitcoinCash(BCC)

Welcome back to another vlog by your boy @mrviquez  I hope you all have had an amazing day!!!! As for me I can't complain at all.  "If you woke up this morning You're Winning" @youngogmarqs  These words couldn't be any more true.  Life can end for anyone at any given second so let's be thankful for being able to live another day.

Tonight is the night many CrptoLovers have been fearing for some time now and tonight it's that time.  Our mighty BTC will split right down the middle (at least that's what I've been told) giving all Bitcoin holders an equal balance in BitcoinCash(BCC) .  Many are opposed to this and many are all for it.  Some don't even care.  

I feel it is our duty to stay informed on current cryptonews.  Not only to be up to date but so that we can be better informed on what the next technology to shake the internet will be.  Also if you are a true Steemologist you should know that our beloved crypto is mostly exchanged for BTC.  So if Bitcoin is impacted in a negative way Steem could also feel the wrath of the crypto Gods.

Speaking of being current on Crypto news.  Have you heard of @adsactly ???

Well these guys are straight rocktsars!!!!!  Please take the time to check there page out and become part of the ADSactly community!!!!! They are dedicated to helping spread Crypto knowledge far and wide to all kinds of users.  Check out this post that they posted about their community

If you are interested you can click on their logo below and join their Discord channel for the latest updates on projects.  The community is nice and friendly so come on in to find how you can be part of this movement.

Music in this vlog was inspired by the movie "The Lost Boys"

"People are strange" by The Doors

YouTuber: OnlyOneMusic3

"Cry Little Sister" 

YouTuber: Justin Brezicky

"I Still Believe" By: Tim Cappello

YouTouber: Alex Brown

I hope you all enjoyed this post

Until the next post


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well my coins are locked in bittrex until after the dust settles, hopefully my trigger finger can get out right after the snapshot block and back into the loving arms of pivx ltc and steem...i say all that but i'll probably just move into usdt and wait a day or so and watch what happens.


You forgot about Monero hehe


someone get this man a prize!!!! XMR crept up so slowly you woulda almost forgot it used to cost like 30 monero for a sheet lol

Great post! Keep putting out great content :)

I think we need to celebrate tonight because Bitcoin is free now and people who have a different vision are forking away.

All kind of stuff could happen, interesting :)

With Coinbase not backing BitcoinCash it has lost quite a bit of momentum as far as people flocking to it goes. It did seem like it was going to make it, but the support is not enough for it to take on Bitcoin.

But who knows - there is no right or wrong answer here, just mere speculation. Only time will tell.

So if Bitcoin is impacted in a negative way Steem could also feel the wrath of the crypto Gods.

Lets' all hope not!

Oh, and awesome songs to go with!


omg shhhhh you will speak it into existence!!!! lol

MR V! I Dumped all my BTC into eth when ETH was low and BTC was holding, and just traded 30% of my eth holdings into EOS when it was 1.50. So we will see whats up. I talk shit about people running from the FUD of today/tomorrow and dumping BTC, but I dropped all that weeks ago haha

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

Up-voted and Subbed.
If there is a huge BTC rally and alts drop I highly suggest you flick through the projects/ possible investments in my Steemit post.

Steem on !!

Keep informing us! Thanks bro :)

Ok you get my upvote for having my favorite songs from Lost boys lol

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brace yourselves!!!...BTC fork is coming....