Did The Bitcoin Bubble Burst? | Crypto Crash RANT

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

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This is the first time I am doing this type of video where I just randomly share my thoughts about the current state of the crypto market. This morning I woke up to tons of messages from people asking me for advice, if I think Bitcoin will crash, if this is the end of crypto and they should sell or hodl etc. And I quickly realized where the panic was coming from.. 

Of course all the big media companies published articles that "forecast the bursting of the bitcoin bubble and end of the crypto market". I continue to be amazed by the many people who actually believe and trust these media companies, wanted to know all about Bitcoin when it was at an all time high and now freak out because we are seeing a pull back (arguably the same people who want to buy bitcoin at their local bank)...

I usually don't try to "teach a pig to sing", but it does bother me that so many people do not understand that blockchain technology goes way beyond bitcoin, that it can decentralize and revolutionize our society to an extent that is yet to be explored, IF we choose to use this tool wisely. I highly encourage you to take action and do what's in your power to educate, communicate and raise awareness. Now is the time! I am glad to be part of the Steemit community, as I know you feel with me the most and can probably somehow relate. 


 -- I would love to hear your take on this topic! --

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Quick Update: The market is already starting to recover!


Much love,

- Mrs.Steemit

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No, it is an artificial low, and is triggering DMA buying alerts. This is the perfect opportunity to buy some cryptos while they are down before they explode in the years to come.


corporations are at fault with their own inventions and criticism - restrictions in Korea and China, bad forecasts ... just do your thing :)

If the reporter is as gorgeous as you then even I might believe anything that's on the mainstream media ^_^


Lol great compliment :D

Very knowledgeable post.really encouraged me
Thanks for sharing


yeah, mrs.steemit is very smart and obviously knows a lot about Crypto. Can't wait to see what she does next!


Thanks Charlie & Derek. Appreciate your support!

Thank you so much ma for encouraging me, because I was also panicking


haha, I can relate, I bought back in at 6k and then it dropped to 5k and I had to go for a walk to calm the anxiety. @mrs.steemit's vids are very helpful and she is very knowledgable about crypto.


I'm glad you found it useful

@mrs.steemit thank you I love your videos


Perfect post @mrs.steemit .. Just what I love to read - some positivity on what some are labelling as a 'negative' situation. Sometimes randomly sharing your current thoughts works well too!! :-D STEEMON!


Really your views I like your comments @sarahstarkey


Thanks Sarah! appreciate your feedback :)

Now we can see too much fud by regulations and that coulb be difficult to assimilate for people, but when that happens and be common we will see a boom in price in each coin, because more and more people come to the market and they will feel better trading in a market regulated. Regards you looks so beautiful


That's true. Regulations may not be bad at all. It's just pretty scary sometimes when those corrupt are the ones regulating whatever needs to be regulated.


I agree with both of you. Regulations have to happen. It's not bad as long as we understand that the technology itself can't be banned or destroyed by any authority or regulator and it's really a tool for the people that when used by the masses can result in a shift of power and wealth, free and decentralize our society

i think people should have patience in crypto


It's a 1% brain and 99% patience right from the start. If you lose your patience, then you lose your profit.


very true, patience is the key to anything great in life

I have powered up 4 times in 11 days and have more dry powder ready to go should prices continue to drop. Call it a crash if you want, I call it an amazing buying opportunity! 🙌🙌


It most definitely is! Exciting times ahead of us :)

Corrections are common in markets and we need to learn how it works to avoid lose money, so we have to have strong hands because we have the future in front of our faces

Presently we can see excessively fud by directions and that coulb be hard to acclimatize for individuals, yet when that happens and be basic we will see a blast in cost in each coin, since an ever increasing number of individuals go to the market and they will feel better exchanging a market managed. Respects you looks so lovely


Thanks for adding your thoughts!

Exceptionally educated post.really empowered me

Much obliged for sharing

I think you mentioned a very important topic. Thank you @mrs.steemit

You know its actually distressing to think about. I mean, look at all of the mess - Bitcoin's drop and all others - even Steem. So, to am extent, the panic is expected..
Well, on the upside, one could be glad the market is starting to recover.


Well I actually don't think it's a "mess" that we are seeing a pull back, because the upside is so much higher. We should really see this as a buying opportunity and think about the long-term value. If you just hold, you the fluctuation doesn't effect you and if you trade it's a great opportunity. Either way, no need to fear.

very knowledge post@mrs.steemit.

people keep on spreading the FUD they just want to become millionaires overnight hahah

a step backward and thousand steps ahead that's how bitcoin roars great time to buy more :)

Thanks for encouraging me I am first time reading your post and follow you
Keep it up
I am just waiting for your upcoming post


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

well its very hard time for all of us but hope it will only a time which will change with green flag and after some days or month we will see the bug rise up in whole market but many of us fully confuse to see market this time thanx for talk on it and give reviews @mrs.steemit

This information is what I needed to clarify many doubts, that's why I follow you,@mrs.steemit since you share valuable information with the steemit community, this analysis helped me a lot. the cryptocurrency revolution.


Glad you found this useful and appreciate the support, always :)

Thanks for bringing a lot of value for free. I personally don't think that Bitcoin is in or ever was in a bubble. Im pretty bullish about BItcoin and this channel! can't wait to see future content from you.


Thanks for supporting!

Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but Banks and Institutions have a high hand in politics and it is in their best interest to encourage the spread the FUD because cryptocurrencies will disrupt their bottom line. This FUD and manipulation causes panic sells. The smart ones will HODL or buy more during these lows. I have strong faith in cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a whole is my two satoshies.

Just Hodl and forget about this year ,Patience is key


I agree and try to tell people the same thing

According to the firm Autonomous Next, the number of hedge funds investing in digital assets like Bitcoin has grown rapidly to more than 100. Since the launch of Bitcoin Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in December 2017, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone why the price of Bitcoin is down 50% from the high.


Only Retail Investors chase price and buy high and sell low, while the Professionals buy low and sell high. The Hedge Funds have purposely sold Bitcoin futures to get in a better price.

At the moment, there is a war taking place between the buyers (Hedge Funds) and the sellers (Retail Investors) called capitulation. That line in the sand was at $9000. Capitulation is when investors give up any previous gains, by selling, in an effort to get out of the market. Capitulations are outcomes that result from the maximum psychological and financial pain that can be endured by a group before throwing in the towel. The Retail Investors are throwing in the towel after seeing a more than 50% correction in the Bitcoin price to the buyers, the Hedge Funds. With 100s of millions of dollars to invest, we are witnessing an accumulation phase by the Hedge Funds between $6000 and $9000.

The Hedge Funds are loading up and buying from the Retail Investors. But to fill all their buy orders, as the sell orders dry up, price must go down to the next stack of sell orders. We are approaching what I believe will be the bottom of bitcoin at $6000. My first target is $12,000 and my second target is $17,000 over the next 3 - 9 months.

The easy money has been made over the last 12-18 months. With the big boys in the game now, the rules have changes. The question is, are you ready to play to win with a new play book?

This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor. Do your own research before making investment decisions. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept full responsibility of any gains or losses.


Thanks for your view @mrs.steemit , there will be ups and downs, but it will come back even stronger I think.

Oh, you really encouraged me..

a very good information @mrs.steemit, this is very useful for me and for everyone. I also do not understand, what is being done by the market for Crypto, so I see now the market again chaotic. I am very sad if bitcoin prices continue to decline because all my dreams will be destroyed. Thank you for sharing this very useful information and hopefully you will be more successful in working... :)


don't fear when prices drop, there is no way it will go to zero. Just hold, be patient, try to forget about your investment and you will be glad you did in a few years from now.

Bitcoin is on the futures market and is now tainted because it is being manipulated. There is no price discovery mechanism to determine fair value. When the supposed bubble bursts, it is a chance for the big boys ie banks and governments to buy it up at a discount. Here is a poem I wrote about it.


Crypto goes up crypto goes down
It seems like quite the merry-go -round.
Profit taking and manipulation
With all the price fluctuation.
No price discovery mechinism
in this played out crrypro schism.
Bitcoin futures on the table
Play the game now if your able.
Wall street players roll the dice
For me a poetic blog suffice
As we reach out for the dream
encrypted now in crypto steem.


Wow great poem and even better message! I most definitely agree with you and would love to see more people understand this. Also from a mining p.o.v we can know that the market will rise insanely in value for as long as btc can be mined and we see actual implementations of blockchain happen.

hahaha really some time people behave look so crazy,,sure we know this is very hard time for all members but these up donws are part of market and we should not feel painic to see market down and i observed it that after any hardfork and the down the price grow up more more from its high and i hope after this down one day price will cross btc 21000$ just in small time not a long time
@mrs.steemit your work is good to share your video keep it up always like your other posts

Nice informative video and i also like to mentioned that trying to stop crypto growth is just like trying to stop the rain impossible.


Thank you!! That´s true. It is impossible to stop it

Fear is a powerful emotion. Rational thought goes hand-in-hand with facts, analysis, and a good dose of common-sense.


Very true, fear is tricky and most people are trapped by it. This is why education and communication is crucial! Otherwise it will be an easy play for "the other side"

your post is very meaningful. thank you for sharing knowledge. @mrs.steemit


Thank you! You´re welcome

its amazing sir it very helpful for all steemers thanks for sharing it I like your all post keep it up sir @mrs.steemit


Thank you very much!

according to bitcoin news stay 20% for in mine. market law is getting rare items. price will be higher. we stock bitcoin lot.

Of course it is, it's been recovering the whole time these outlets have been reporting its demise. It's just such lazy reporting... it's no wonder bloggers are more respected than journalists.

Hello everyone. Im new on this platform. I uploaded a couple of videos. If you would check them out that would be great!

Stay Strong and HODL! Great video!


Thank you :)

Thank for your kind information ...thanks again for for your great post ............


Thank you! You´re welcome

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Awesome video thank you for the support


Thank you very much

Excellent very interesting and good information good very good video friend thank you I invite you to support me with a vote, greetings

So be vigilant to what market predict, base on that you may learned something.

I love a more fair and equal world to live in. Looking forward to your ICO. THank you @mrs.steemit for all this information! Good day to you :D


Thank you for supporting! Our ICO starts very soon

when it dips that's the perfect time to buy and hodl i don't fear too much now from these dips

Currently we are in double digits all across top 100. Time to get hyped? :D

Dont worry my beautiful crush :"> bitcoin will rise again just wait for it to pop. It would be like a phoenix who dies for a moment but it would be reborn again and will much more stronger and better. :')


Very well said!

crypto and stocks both are same thing wait for it it will rise

with steemit i have learnt a lot that's why i don't fear about prices too much

its all good now those who had bought it yesterday at the dip must be very happy quite stable now

New people got feared to see their money lost in few days and now the FOMO coming in will rise soon

i agree with you next target $30000

people will now understand to hold their bitcoins for long and due to which the price will rise insanely

Looks like the bottom has been reached by now for BTC.

it started to recover back slightly but might push a little down the prices keep buying at the dips :)

Hold on to THE IDEALS and put up with the vicissitudes.

I initially tested the cryptocurrency market this past Thanksgiving. I quickly became hooked in with al the hype at that time. On December 2nd, I stumbled across STEEM. I exchanged $10 worth of Litecoin, which originally started as a $5 investment, and received 7.688 STEEM. On December 7th, I saw that STEEM has rose nicely in 5 days, so I exchanged $10 of ETH, which was originally a $5 investment as well, and this time received only 5.552 STEEM. Due to exchange fees, this brought my STEEM total to 13.24.

I held it for two weeks before searching out the community behind this amazing coin. In the two weeks, my $20 investment dropped to $17 within the first couple days. However, within this two week time frame, my $20 was now sitting are $40. My search began to find the person(s) behind this coin. Within minutes of searching, I was officially introduced to the wonderful community of steemit.

My first 3 weeks, I was so baffled by steemit and how it was built on the blockchain, I slowly began losing interest in chasing cryptocurrency, and became more interested in the Steem blockchain itself. I also learned that my original plan of buying into, and holding onto STEEM to think it might go bitcoin one day, was a bad idea.

It's not only steemit being on the blockchain, but it's the amazing people who make up the steemit community. I actually believe in the Steem blockchain, I still invest my own money into steemit, and post the best content I can. I'm new to all this, and I am still learning from my mistakes, as well as others before me. I'm definitely here you stay. I hope to only bring forth better and better content each passing day, as well as contributing my time here on steemit to make it a much better experience for those who have yet to arrive here on steemit.

Thanks for this usefu, and informational post!

bitcoin is a diamond right now to hold on to losers will lose it always

Those people who believe in technology will be still holding all cyrptos. Only people who wants to make money will feel the burst


I am happy with your words because it is tantamount to giving knowledge to others.

Very knowledgeable post.really encouraged me
Thanks for sharing


Thank you. Much appreciated!

The more it crash the higher it goes :D

only pump and dump...you know!!

Bubble didn't burst. And it won't ever. Satoshi vision is real.

wonderful video.thank you for share with us.


Thank you

good to see your post on crypto market and specaill btc today and i am really happy and agree with you to listen your thoughts hope every one here think like you and also i think we never will worry on this situation and only wait for a good time and think the price was 2000$ only 2 to 3 month ago and this price is till 3 time high from those price
nice post @mrs.steemit

I really like your opinion about steemit because steemit is part of my life @mrs.steemit

thanks for encouraging

Very good information... thanks u... 👍👍

I share your opinion @mrs.steemit

This was so informative! I just got into learning about crypto and participating in it so I appreciate well articulated videos like this! It's cool how passionate you are about blockchain and its effect on the world!

this is effective as well as informative post.

thanks for sharing it with us!

I has been a trend for years that bitcoin is usually low early in the year and surges up by the end of the year

Up we go!