The Weirdest Thing You Can Buy with Bitcoin

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The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu is now accepting Bitcoin as payment for its overseas citizenship program. Now your bitcoin can make you a legal citizen of Vanuatu.    

The Vanuatu Information Center recently announced that applicants to their citizenship program, which costs $200,000 to become a citizen, and offers a second passport in their country which has no income or capital gains taxes. There is no requirement for potential citizens to visit or live in the country.     

The practice is gaining in popularity around the world. Deemed the Investment Migration industry, governments offer visas and citizenship in return for investments in the local economy and property. It is a multi-billion dollar market that several countries are taking advantage of the opportunity. 

For a small and isolated country like Vanuatu, the money could be a significant windfall as its total GDP is only around $700 million. Vanuatu citizenship provides visa-free travel to 113 countries including the UK, Russia, and EU.    

For about 43 bitcoin, you could pay for citizenship in the tropical islands of Vanuatu.      

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Apparently in Vanuato not only they have frequent earthquakes but also several active volcanoes, including underwater volcanoes. Volcanic activity is common, with an ever-present danger of a major eruption....... hmmm no thanks!

What is a little lava in paradise? No need for concern. :)

i agree , emphasis on paradise

if you overlook the earthqaukes which dont happen all the time its paradise on earth with one of the most beautiful beaches and hospitable people,

Sign me up!

...just need the Bitcoin.

it's so crazy that this is worth over a billion dollars and how you could become a citizen of another place and pay for it in bit coin. i'm going to need some more time to process all of this!

just sign up and go, it beautiful ... but you need some bitcoins

Sounds fun, but what else can you buy with bitcoin?

More and more every day. It is becoming more accepted everywhere. In this case, it is an actual government that is accepting a crypto-currency. That is unusual, but will likely become more commonplace in the future.

i think most organisations are begining to realise that cryptos are the future om money and are starting to embrace it, look at amazon who have accepted bitcoin as a payment measure. it wont be long before more companies follow suite especially tech and retail companies

Good post, if i got into bitcoin early this would be something id do,.

Love it! I recently read an article about a real estate company in Dubai only accepting payments for a bunch of new appartments in Bitcoin. Seems like it could be the way of the future!

Totally agree. I think crypto-currency is becoming more trusted and commonplace. If governments are now accepting it, it has likely reached an important milestone.

I'm all in! Can I borrow about 42.07 Bitcoin? :-(

bit coin is gaining popularity even with goverments, its a smart move for the island which means more investment on their economy and tourist can get to travel without needing FIAT currencies., would like to visit Vanuatu

Sounds good

Interesting! I'd want my own small mansion their too for that price! :-)

Is there a website where we can find more info about this?

so amazing your photo ,I like that ,the great post @mrosenquist dont forget upvote my steemit