Bitcoin: Hold your Coins Tight this Weekend

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I'll keep this one extra-short! Bitcoin Futures will be listed on Sunday to Monday on several entities from CME to CBOE. This will provide an easy venue for investors to short Bitcoin, which has never been done before.

This may cause a panic with a lot of Bitcoin holders like us selling, pushing the price down, and giving Wall Street shorters the profit they want.

However: if we refuse the temptation of selling, we can push BTC's price upwards.

This would lead to Wall Street losing money, and we'll come out with profit in the end. The moral of this is simply to hold your coins or even buy more; just don't sell, unless you want to lose money and you want to give Wall Street more.

If you aren't calm yet, just watch this great explainer video by Bitcoin Legend Andreas Antonopoulos:

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If Wall St is able to drop the price of BTC, then I'm buying the dips.

Same here, but I think it would be even better if Bitcoin didn't drop at all :P

Remember that if you sell your coins, you're helping the Wall Street shorters

If wall street can dip it once- they will try to dip it again. Funny how the bankster speak out of both sides of their mouth. One says Bitcoin is a ponzi- the others are offering Bitcoin IRAs and adding it to wall street. But then again, Wall street is loaded with truly worthless junk bonds.


Lol! Good one.

download (1).png

This is a celebration! We thought we were going to make a profit before, but if they try to short we'll buy every dip. When bitcoin shoots past $100,000 we'll all be popping bottles and bedding models


Just HODL, dammitt! Don't give Wall Street what they want.

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