3 French start-ups innovating with blockchain

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First introduced in 2008 with the creation of the Bitcoin, blockchain is no longer limited to the simple execution of transactions. Originally linked to virtual currency, it is now envisaged as a fully-fledged technology for transmitting information securely and transparently without relying on a central supervisory body.

Gradually seen as a revolutionary innovation in the digital world, blockchain is beginning to move beyond the digital framework to contribute to social and economic evolutions. Frenchweb has selected 3 start-ups that develop technologies around blockchain.

Stratumn simplifies blockchain integration for developers

The blockchain is of interest not only to FinTech, but also to many other sectors that could find opportunities there. Still, it is necessary to create concrete applications...

This is precisely the niche of Stratumn, a Parisian start-up that develops a platform enabling developers to create applications based on blockchain, even if they do not have specific knowledge. She even speaks of "Blockchain as a service" in the sense that she takes on the complexity of this technology.

Currently, the service has been running in a private beta version since February 2016. Based in Paris, the company launched by Richard Caetano, Stephan Florquin, François Dorléans and Sébastien Couture raised 600,000 euros from Otium Venture and business angels, including Eric Larchevêque, founder of the start-up Ledger. At the time, Stratumn assured that it had already formed partnerships with several large French companies.

Angle of attack: facilitate the development of blockchain-based applications

Financing: 600,000 euros raised in 2014

Keeex targets the collaborative labour market

For the Bitcoin, blockchain technology can resemble a decentralized book of accounts that lists all transactions. Such a concept can find opportunities in other areas, such as the organisation of work in companies. For example, the Marseille start-up Keeex is developing a collaborative working solution based on blockchain-based time stamping. KeeeX will include in each document exact references to its previous version (s)", assures the company on its website.

Document sharing, collaborative chat, signature management... Several functionalities are available on the platform running on Windows, Mac OS X or even Linux. Data is decentralized and exchanges are encrypted.

Keeex's business model is based on marketing monthly subscriptions for each user. In April, the company founded by Laurent Henocque completed a first round of financing of 100,000 euros from private investors. Funding that will enable it to continue its R&D and accelerate its promotion.

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