Why Bitcoin Is Not Reaching $10000 ? Why Crypto Bull Run Is Not Coming ?

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Hello friends , I would like to write this blog in very simple words so everyone can understand why bitcoin is not rising and why bitcoin bull run is not coming till now .

According to charts and experience both says that Bitcoin should already be in bullish mode till now but its not happening . According to me the only reason that is stopping bitcoin and crypto market to be in bullish mode is “BITCOIN FUTURES CONTRACT “ BY CME AND CBOE group.

Make sure you continue to read this blog as i will be telling you some facts which will make you believe that everything is happening because of BITCOIN FUTURES CONTRACT …

Now let me show you some stats :

26th Jan 2018

CME 1st Futures Contract Expires and Bitcoin went from $13000 on 20th Jan to $10400 on 26th Jan .Big Fall in just few days as futures contract was expiring on 26th Jan so $2600 Fall . Big Pump to $12000 in next 2 days after contract expires .

23rd Feb 2018

CME 2nd Contract expired and bitcoin went from $11700 on 21st Feb to $9350 on 26th Feb .
Fall of $2350 in just few days and then again big jump as soon as contract expires reached $10600 in coming 2-3 days .2I.png

25th May 2018

CME Future Contract expires and Bitcoin went from $8600 on 21st May to $7000 on 25th May .We Saw Big Fall Of $1600 in just 3 days because of CME contract expiration .

And Now lets Come to present date

29 June 2018

CME futures contract had to expire Bitcoin went from $6700 on 21st June to $5900 on 29th June.Again big fall in bitcoin price as CME contract expire and now we see sudden pump where bitcoin trends at $6400 next day again .

So All this clearly shows that Bitcoin is now like a ball which is being played by CME and CBOE group to make big profits .

Now let me tell you with experience these contracts are repeating patterns with reason and i can challenge on what i will tell you now .

These future contracts are making traders to get overconfident on their trades as the pattern is repeating again and again from last 6 months
now traders will get use to shorting their trades , they are trying to make them habitual that bitcoin will always go low when the futures contract will be near to expire but now as everyone is going over confident of themself now time is very soon when all trades will only go Long and everyone in market will start doing trade to short bitcoin but in real it will always increase , which will make traders loose big money now .

Till date traders have made good money while shorting bitcoin as it was getting very predictive and as now they are getting more and more confident to short bitcoin all time when near to futures contract expiry date . So for me game will change now and all these traders will keep on shorting for bitcoin and soon trend will shift only towards long and uptrend for bitcoins and this is how big guys of CME will become more rich and new traders will loose big money soon shorting bitcoins .

When will this start ? No one knows but yes it is very near for sure .

Whats your opinion about it let me know by commenting Below .

Sumit Kapoor


Downvoted ? and i tried to get a repo high from you ?? when i did so can you pls share that instance ? @jonny-clearwater



Hey send proof pls don't blame him without proofs

I don't have to prove anything.
He knows what he's been doing in chat.
If you don't, that's your problem, not mine.

which chat you are talking about mate ? there is no option on steemit to chat around ..
Downvote is fine when you have done something wrong but when someone has done nothing and asking for proof you should speak out loud with proofs ..

Bhaiya aap iske baato pe mat aao. We know you do not doing any wrong here @moneyguruu, aap mereliye ek farista ho. And @jonny-clearwater, show us the proof so that we can know whats wrong.

Hi bro Sumit sir hamare ideal hai suport him and suport each other
Mai appke post ko upvote karunga u do same

yes sir you are right we have to help each other .. know sir??

Yes you are right sir.I have followed you.

Wait a minute?

There is no option on Steemit to chat around?

You know fine well there is. You didnt claim any such lack of knowledge of the chat when you were talking to me.

I am suspecting you are very very shady indeed

if not Steemit.chat jonny may be also talking about https://steemspeak.com

Sir wait, I have a solution for this if you make next time post on cryptocurrency so mentioned this lines so that they can't blame you in any wrong things next time

Put it in the same way as I'm writing

"Note: I'm not a financial advisor here”

If you put the same line as I then no one will dare to blame without any cause. The line which I highlighted is the rule of steemit almost all the steemers are mentioning it in their every Cryptocurrency post

we all trust you sir ... @jonny-clearwater he is fake and and doing coments in all tranding post ..for increasing upvotes and earn fake money

Brother is feeling so jealous

Are Sumit vaiya........kya mu lag rahe ho unke....wo jitne apki badnam karega utna apka profit hoga. We love you.

Thanks for the information sir . I think ye aadmi aap se jalta hai isiliye aapke posts downvote kar raha hai .

I can see he is giving replies to all the people here. What scam is he doing can you please elaborate?

Even i am waiting for a reply . And if i don't get a decent reply i will take action!

Like what? Is that a threat?

He will destroy us all powering down and selling his gargantuan amount of SP

Hehe, that made me giggle!

....Agar uske pass reply dene layak kuchh hota .....to abhi tak de diya hota....
Some people tries such tactics to get an attention of people...

Money Guru use chhorna nhi. Abhi uska reputation apse aur ham sab se jayada hai but use ye nhi pata ki hamari community kitni Bari hai. Abhi apka aur ham sab ka reputation kam hai but Jaldi hi apka reputation usse jayada hone wala hai & hamare community me aur bhi kuchh logo ka. Uske Baad use Batana ki usne kisse panga liya hai. Tab Apne community ka power dikhana usee....

Jalta hai Majnu :)

@jonny-clearwater first you need to collect some knowledge about Mr. Sumit Kapoor, who is he and what he do. He don't need to build his reputation, his reputation is already very high. He is a god father of lots people like me, he never scam anyone. Think twice before downvote anyone like Sumit Kapoor.

You’re right mate

Gud blog bhai dil khush hwa apka blog trande pe dek k nice

flagged because your reasoning is obviously bullshit and you flagged because this is reasonable post warning investors and goes against the steem oiligarchs plans to dump on everyone

I don't make shit up.
Not my fault you are unaware of what he has been doing.
My statement is accurate.
I would reconsider your flag, I don't make for a very great enemy on this platform.
(btw...I don't have an issue with the actual content of this post, just the users actions with community members elsewhere)

you say this but there is no proof would be easy to screenshot claims

I would reconsider your flag, I don't make for a very great enemy on this platform.

i really couldn't give a shit see my posts, steem is controlled by scammers

Aren't you a lovely addition to the community.

its all a setup

at least 9 mill steem sold by steemitinc this year and more to come with powerdowns all the while the votes will be worth less and less

but the community is the important thing any value given is for the top holders who exploited system in early days

I don't know man
I bust my ass on this platform, make a living from it and have nothing but love for our community.
Try not being so pessimistic maybe....
but you do you.
I hope you have a great day.


not a pessimist, a realist

bitconnect paid thousands of people did that make it not a scam

lol jonny this guy just flagged me too out of nowhere i just noticed, for spreading "FOMO" by making a post which simply asks about what I saw as a 15 million dollar sale of steem on BitThumb and he just goes all crazy , now i see why, he thinks steem has "oligarchs" and that they have a plan to "dump" on everyone lol enough said , i was gonna explain how anyone on steem is lucky to get a dime if it want for whales but nevermind not in the mood tonight lol ima just chill and yeah dont fuck with jonny @isacoin ur gonna regret it man, he has fun flagging people and right now your just asking for it :D I hope isacoin has another secret alt account because only 150 SP and 500 delegated Sp is not much to fight with against jonny :D XD lol

He's entitled to his opinion, even if it is retarded.
Just sad to see this kind of toxicity in a community I love and respect.

Hey bro plz upvote my profile my repution so weak plz one upvote

Agreed. I've read it all but still not sure "Why Crypto Bull Run Is Not Coming ?" and the summury at the end of the post with "When will this start ? No one knows but yes it is very near for sure" doesn't make the answer clear.

nice information

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Can you explain this bit more !

agar aap steempower rental pe lena chahte hai to
pe jaye poori detail mill jayegi

@minnowbooster se aap upvote bhi le sakte hai.

Ive been warning everyone not to get rekt in a short position yesterday. No body litens! Don't get stuck in fiat when this market turns either. You might never get back in again.

I believe this is best time to get in and ride the bull

I think it will happen soon! Next step $100,000!!

I will say i wish your words come true very soon :)

i do see a pattern and it makes sense as well. you are on to something here.

M G good to see you reply in steemit to..........

ONT and ZRX are very good projects for long term. if you have the patience these can give you multiple times not just percentage profits.

I have followed you upon your Coin market thoughts.

@sarah249 You are following good

InshaAllah bitccoin dobara say apny sab say high rate pa jay ga bohot jald .
and thanks for the information sir .

Yes Bro I am agreed with your views at some points. BTC futures affect the prices most. I hope your prediction for long come soon. Waiting for the Bull Run #HODL✌ Awesome post Thanks for sharing ...

☆ Follow ☆ Upvote ☆ Comment ☆ Resteem ☆

Even i am waiting for the day badly but i have no problem even if it takes time as bitcoin always set up and platform before bull run ..

Well researched well explained with the charts about CME & CBOE its very true, and i agree and it is the reason why crypto is going down, still feel likes bitcoin can find bottom at $5200 in shortrun but for long term for sure i see it over $50000 by end of this year it is just a matter of some positive news like ETF ... lets hope for the best , will surly like to know your opinion on this buddy :)

@bitcoinexpertind for me brother i have always predicted my call at this year end which is $25000 and i am staying with it even with bear market :)

Bitcoin is still going up, I think!

I hope this is indication for next bull ride .

Too I hope)

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