Sleeping Giants (Coins Must Buy Before Bull Run)

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Hello Friends ,

In this blog i would like to share few coins which you should have in your bag before the next Bull Run Begin . As the coins i am sharing in this blog are those which have not show any activity from long now and they perform really well whenever a Bull Run starts .

I will try to make this blog short so you get the basic name of coin and know there :
1 - All time high
2- Time since It Touched All time high
3- Current Price
4- Discount we are getting from ATH price
5- Event For Coin In Near Future

So here my list of sleeping giants you must buy before bull run begins :

1- Ripple

ATH — Ƀ0.00022465
Time Since ATH - 179 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00007230
Discount Since ATH - 68% Off in term of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

2- Neo

ATH — Ƀ0.01481490
Time Since ATH - 167 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00520084
Discount Since ATH - 65% Off In Term Of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

3- Icon

ATH — Ƀ0.00084382
Time Since ATH - 173 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00025669
Discount Since ATH - 70 % Off In term of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

4- Verge

ATH — Ƀ0.00001812
Time Since ATH - 174 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00000400
Discount Since ATH - 78% Off in term of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

5 - BitShares

ATH — Ƀ0.00013972
Time Since ATH - 181 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00002156
Discount Since ATH - 85 % Off in term of Satoshis
Event - 6 Dec — Core Release

6 - Sia Coin

ATH — Ƀ0.00000743
Time Since ATH - 176 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00000168
Discount Since ATH - 78 % off in term of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

7- Sys Coin

ATH — Ƀ0.00009306
Time Since ATH - 169 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00002701
Discount Since ATH - 71 % Off In term of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

8- Burst

ATH — Ƀ0.00000915
Time Since ATH - 174 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00000228
Discount Since ATH - 75% Off In Term Of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

9 - Tron

ATH — Ƀ0.00001367
Time Since ATH - 178 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00000597
Discount Since ATH - 57 % Off In Term of Satoshis
Event - No Upcoming Event

10 - Cardano

ATH — Ƀ0.00007382
Time Since ATH -179 Days
Current Price. - Ƀ0.00002247
Discount Since ATH - 70% Off in Terms Of Satoshi
Event - 5th July Roadmap Update

These are not just the coins which you can buy before the Bull run but there are lot more but i am not sharing whole list of coins but shared with you some of those coins which really can perform well in next Bull run as they have performed many times before as well whenever crypto market is in bullish behavior.

If you still want to know few more coins then here are few which are not in list above :
1- Colx
2- Ethereum
3- Elastos
4- Credits
5- Vechain
6- Zilliqa
7- Steem
8- Substratum
9- Omg
11- Litecoin
12- Bitcoin Cash
13- Stellar
14- Zcash
15- Dgb
16- Stratis
17- Bnb

List can go on and on but above 10 will be my top choice as i have seen them perform very well in every bull run .

What’s your opinion for above post and if you have some of your coins which i didn’t mentioned in list above then comment below so it can be shared with the audience for max profit .

  • Disclaimer. - We are not financial advisor so make sure that you take action according to your study as you will be yourself responsible for any profit or loss in crypto field .

Must share your list of coins if you have some which you feel can perform better :

Sumit Kapoor


Man I’m sorry to say it but tbisxlist will get your followers REKT and or missing out on real gains.

There are way to many shill coins here and even more with little real use cases.

And being that you have responded to everyone’s comment but mine. I assume you know your followers will get rekt, or you don’t understand the coins on your list enough to defend them.

Haha He doesn't know shiiiiiii* Buddy!

Literally just shilled trash.

:P He charges 2.5 BTC to promote ICO's on YouTube you knew that?

Anyone can be paid to shill a ico. Does not mean they know squat. Most are given a script to read off to the followers.

@moneyguruu i purchase all this coin

how u will get bro

I purchase this bull run sky,npxs,appc,vibe,nebl,sys,ncash,storm,ost,rlc,trig,xvg,steem,sbd,dgb,sc,game,amp,nxt,doge & fldc...

sir my choice right or wrong ?

Most of these coins are fairly new but for sure you have some gems in pocket .
Every coin will ride a wave with bull run its just matter of which coin ride the wave more .
For me
Storm at present price
have great potential to give you big profits !


sys pumping
agar raat ko nind nahi aai hoti to life ban jati..
(khwab dekhna kaha mna hai)

Ha ha ha you are right

ye raat hamesa yaad rahegi.
kaas mere 1sys ek btc me bhi bikta to ....

what do you mean pumping?

Ha ha Khawab Sirf dekhna nhi chahiyeh unhe sachai me badlne ka jajba bhi rakhna chahiyeh

tnx sir

eh of course he has a great knowledge about crypto.

Sir can I get a upvote from you .

It will be a good kickstart for me see my first post sir. Please

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Lo, mein kardeta hoon. Enjoy !!!

Thanks you Bhai

You're great

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mantente la subida esta cada vez mas cerca

Dear @moneyguruu sumit sir, i am following your crypto advice and i am holding top 10 coins of coinmarketcap list apart of that i am holding doge and etn as well.
but there is a another coin named procurrency.
I have 275000 procurrency in cryptopia.
can you sugges me what should i do with that keep holding or sell out.
please give an advice.

manten tus monedas nos vendas barato, la subida esta cada vez mas cerca, no te lo querras perder

but there are bad reviews about procurrency over the internet...
is it a good idea to hold procurrency.
few people says it was a bogus coin.
i bought it on 1200 satoshi but now it stands on 40 satoshi

wow what a chart u have a good quality sir u are a good man and ur videos motivate us to earn so much

purches some coin but I lose lot of money in cryptocurency

Dear you shouldn't lose heart because crypto goes like a ball (ups and downs).This is the face of should keep your coins safely up to high values.Regards

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@puneetsuthar ..good choice,keep it up

Steem isnt one of them?

Steem is in the list dear with lot more coin in it but for top 10 list above is the actual one ..

steem and tron is a shit coin.

I believe in profit and i even know none over here love coins we all love profit so profit coming from shit or without shit that is our aim ! @dang007

@dang007 here is some reality that crypto moves like a ball.Ups and downs a it's legs.

yes, steem also has it's own coins upto top 10 valued coins.

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A good start!

yes of course it's time to good about steem and crypto.What is your thinking ?

I think that you are right!

Hello Sumit sir all above coins are good coin. My favourite is cardano but cardano is long term coin . Ripple , Sia , Verge , Tron are so cheap now , I think this is the best time to enter in crypto market . What you think btc will bounce back from here ??

Indeed it is already crypto is showing some sign for a rise ...

[-]sagartalekar yes cardano is surely a long term coin.

thanks for informing about these coins sir ,you are doing a great job keep it up.

welldone @moneyguruu
i am also buy many coin

What do you think about smartcash my man?

It is sleeping from a while now for sure can give profit if you are long term holder as it will for sure have some wave for decent profit .

It can give you more profits maybe two times too.If you hold only for long term instead of short term.One thing to keep in mind that crypto moves like a ball (ups and downs) are its face of moving.

@moneyguruu really informative thanks

Thanks dear !

@akrblogs we are all together to follow each other.have a good day.

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