Money Token is live on 5 exchanges and CMC! Everything you need to know about it ?

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Hello Friends,

We are back with some great news about money token with you guys.Its ICO was a great success and now it is live on 5 exchanges and many more to come.


Money Token was a real hype in the market for so long due to its unique concept and well known and experienced team.Money Token provides crypto-backed loans, stablecoin MTC and decentralized exchange service.Money token solves a very obvious problem of any crypto investor easily.


Roger Ver, Founder of, adviser at MoneyToken views about money token :
“MoneyToken is a bright example of the real use of blockchain technology, as well as offering a massive boost for crypto market liquidity for all market players, and especially for businesses.”


Suppose a crypto investor wants some instant funds in stable currency due to some personal problems, the only solution he had earlier was to sell the crypto assets at that markte price whether at loss or at profit.But money token will give crypto backed loans equivalent to user crypto holdings on interest basis.This assures the investor dont misses enormous crypto gains if happens in future.

This is indeed a very unique idea and will help a lot of small and big crypto investors.They will get their crypto back after paying the loan amount back to them.


Money Token got listed in many big exchanges in no time.There are total 5 exchanges where money token is listed as of now -

  1. COINSUPER - 14 Rank for Btc volume

  2. Bitforex - 2 Rank for Btc volume

  3. Idex

4 Bitmart

  1. Latoken

Also, BINANCE application is in progress.It also got listed on Coin Market Cap.


Money Token is a great project with dedicated and hard working team.We all want it to see growing in near future.It has some really big names backing it like Roger Ver and many more.Yes, it can go down for few days due to panic selling but it will rise eventually.Hope it does great in the future.

See you in our next blog !

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Sumit Kapoor


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Very informative article sir

Thanks, keep supporting


I have gone through your points and i am thinking that if a person is going to take a loan what's the loan amount they have to pay when they come back to the market?

Check their website for more information

hi @moneyguruu

very very good news for who are already taken part in ICO.
MONEY TOKEN is a great concept for crypto field. Earlier we were selling our coins for fiat money. But, now MONEY TOKEN is giving us loans.

I hope that the company will make compaigns , advertise and conduct seminors in different locations of the world, then the project get success.

Thank for sharing good stuff.

Thanks for the wonderful reply, keep supporting

hope so it will soon touch ico retail price 0.05$. good future ahed

Surely, let the panic sellers go out

Thanx sir updating money token it is great news for as you think a good coin of money token please say

Yes, IMT is a great project indeed

wow it is a very good news hope this will boom the money token so thank you sir for sharing this important information.

Thanks keep supporting

Best thing crypto to loan and
Assest is safe like platform nexa is like money token same platform

Yes, nexo killer it is !

Sir I am satisfied this project
Because wonderful project and team member
Future is very good

Nice article very informative

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Thanks, keep supporting !

If we hold IMT and don't sell it . then price of IMT is atomatically Increase. So my friend please hold IMT token ...

Absolutely true !!

Sir I would like to ask that
Is money token a long term coin or we can sell it when it will cross ICO Price
What you think about it's future if we hold it for long term how much it can be go ahead ????

Sir please update accordingly....

Hold it for more gains, it is a great project

It's a nice information however we were not expecting this to be listed on these exchanges and token to go down by 60%, I hope IMT to recover soon and hit big exchanges like Binance and Kraken.

It has already hitted some very big exchanges , more to go !

I think IMT is Nexo killer sir ! What do you think sir ?

@moneyguruu Hope it will boom soon and what do you thinnk money token or nexo which is best

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IMT is nexo killer

Ok lets see and can i ask why you have stopped buying votes

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money token great project, thanks on update news

@moneyguruu Sir, nice article , as it hits big exchanges like Binance we can expect it to 🚀 . Please keep posting awesome stuff like this.

Sure, keep supporting

@moneyguruu Sir as usual again very informative post. I am your follower not only here but also youtube also. Sir keep on providing such useful information here also to steemians.

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Nice token I am buy 100000 token

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Congratulations, good luck

Wow, great news for those who invested money token during their ico.

Guys check my profile i write about ico.

Sure, keep doing the hard work ! Good luck