Coin of the week - 2 Best coins which can blast in Future ? New concept you will love for sure !

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Hello Friends,

We are back with a very new weekly concept of introducing coins with great fundamentals.They will be hidden gems which are not in the eyes of any people now but can explode in future.But this is not an investment advice so please do your own research before investing in them.


In this blog we will discuss two coins which are Hydro and Blockport.Both of these have strong concepts behind them but their prices are very low as of now.We will discuss in detail how much they can grow now with the study of their product concept, token supply, product prototype and hype in the market.

This article is very informative as we have given it weeks of research and then we have introduced these coins with you guys.Try to understand the concepts and then decide accordingly.


Hydro coin is trading at near 54-55 satoshi now.This coin when launched in may got almost 8 up from its ICO price but now it is again in buying zone.We all know few weeks back when it got listed on Bittrex it jumped from 54 satoshi to almost 80-90 satoshi.

Hydro coin in simple words converts existing applications into blockchain without interrupting the application and saves cost hike.It increases security, identity management and transaction with the help of artificial intelligence.With hydro API you can build an application without being an application developer.


  1. Already signed with one one of the world's top 20 banks.Details will be shared soon.

  2. They just finished with the 30 Days 30 Partner Programme where they signed 30 deals in 30 days.

  3. Hydrogen has been named as winner of the 'Innovator in Finance' award by Finext.

  4. Hydrogen is one of the finalist at India Fintech Awards 2018 which will be on November 30th.


Product Concept - 10/10

Product Prototype - 9/10

Token Supply - 6/10

Product Hype - 7/10


Blockport is currently trading near 150 satoshi.Since it came in the market around january this year its price is on downtrend but now it can be a good buy at this cheap price for sure. It is available only on kucoin and Idex now but its price can shootup with listing on other exchanges.

Blockport in plain language is a social cryptocurrency exchange in which both new users and experienced users can get mutually benefitted as new users will follow the trades of old users and in return pay fee in form of BPT tokens to them.It is a win-win situation for both of the, it is a very unique concept and can prove a hidden gem soon.


  1. We can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the Blockport platform with Euro.

  2. The Blockport trading platform is designed for both beginners and advanced traders.

  3. We can manage our platform from both laptop and mobile on the go.

  4. Blockport currently supports 5 cryptocurrencies which are BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP.


Team - 6/10

Concept - 9/10

Project adoption - 9/10

Product Hype - 6/10

Token Supply - 10/10


We talked in detail above about the two gems, Hyrdro and Blockport.You need to do your research and then invest wisely.Hope you all liked our new concept we will be back with other coin next week.We tried to keep the article as short as possible, you can study ore about them on their websites or on Coinmarketcap.

See you all in our next blog !

Don't forget to comment down how you liked our new concept and coin.

Sumit Kapoor

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@moneyguruu regards.informational article and video.explained with nice urdu language.

can you suggest a video where I can learn basics of crypto currency and its future ? @moneyguruu

Nice Post guys check out my profile once.

hi @moneyguruu sir your artcal is good . The detail that you have given about these two coins is very good, it will profit us.Will it be good on the coming time .Seeing the same video of yours, I joined the steemit palatform. thanks sir

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@ moneyguruu check my page or advise dijiye kaise osko jayada behtar banaya jaye

Wow nice post thanks for sharing.


Thanks, good to see your regular comments!

great video sir its totally detailed and very well explained,you always try to help other and your videos are always full of information so thank you sir for your great support :))


Thanks for all, keep supporting

hi Ap ki video buht achi hoti main kafi koch sikh choki hoon

First of all Thanks for your support Sir,
HydroCoin (HYC) is the First Cryptocurrency coin to build a new decentralised system of clean energy production and HYC is an ERC20 standard token.
As per my knowledge invest in HYC is unique way.


Great research...Good luck!

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Sir @moneyguruu your youtube channel really boosted me a lot. Thnx for the info on these two coins

I would like to know about ENTLE and it's future


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I am your fan

Very nice artical sir thanks for sharing.