Bitmex Success Formula- Win Everytime With 99% Success Ratio !

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Hello Friends,

So we are back again with another super-interesting article on Bitmex exchange.In this article you will let to know how to trade on bitme to take profits everytime.All you have to do is go through the article sincerely, still we don't take any responsibility for the losses.Bitmex is highly risky, so new members stay away from it.


Bitmex has became a sensation in crypto field within few months.As of now very large amount of persons are showing interest on trading in Bitmex for margin trading or leverage trading.Although, some are also blaming it for manipulating the bitcoin price.Everyone involving big whales to small investors do margin trading on it for earning profits but very few earn in the end.

Usually people lose the money on it due to no control on their emotions and do panic selling during market manipulation.This is the time when whales or sensible investors make money.So, we came out with a formula to win trade 99% in Bitmex.


For instance, if you are trading by 1.5 btc you should refer the below table for trading tips.In this example we used 10x leverage-
Doc1 (1)-1.jpg

Everytime we doubled the Btc amount but the leverage and trade is kept the same.Keep this in mind, don't manipulate the formula.

Now, again for instance if you are trading with 1.5 Btc but this time with 5x leverage only.You can refer the table below-

Doc1 (2)-1.jpg

Here we are trading with 1.5 Btc you can trade with any suitable amount and apply the formula accordingly.If you win the trade in first attempt only, we suggest you to not go more than two trades or don't do long trade after Btc crosses 8000$.


If you follow the strategy sincerely, for sure you will take profits.Moreover this formula is best working now as btc is trading between 6000-7000$ for so long.It will not work if btc crosses 10000-12000$ mark.For now take the benefit of the opportunity.If you found this article helpful please upvote and share this as much as possible, we researched a lot about this.

Still any query or doubt refer to this video-

See you in the next blog!

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See you in the next blog !

Sumit Kapoor

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Thanku bro.




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Bohut din ho gaya trending pe nhi aye...firse dekhna he aapko trending pe


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Keep doing the hard work, Good luck


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It is more gambling, and you can be wiped out of you 1.5 BTC.


Then don't invest quite simple

Nice information about Bitmax but I think it requires more experience in this type of treading otherwise we are in loss. Right sir?

Sir I am not a beginner but. I don’t have that much bitcoin should I start this formula on less 0.3 bitcoin


Yes you can, profit is yours loss is also yours

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we will look into it

bitmax trading is a risk. bitmax like a casino. you can loss of all amount.
margin trading or leverage trading like fancy on cricket match.
I did not understand. mgsc


It is upto you be logical while trading, control emotions

Awesome post Sir but it is very risky for new investors


Yes as i already said in the article

Very Intelligent and interesting strategy ,Only one side trading Will make you profitable ,thanks bro and keep helping with such great techniques.


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Nice summit g, helpful content

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Great strategy to get profits


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Hi mgsc sir your post is great. How to earning and profits BitMax exc....

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Excellent Information nice concept sir


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The profit ratio is tempting but need to understand that it can go both side. If it gives more profit then more chances for loss too. It's only for those who are quite ok they loose their whole money. Need to be extra careful while trading in this. Overall for knowledge purpose you nicely explained as you always do dear @moneyguruu

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Thanks, but logically loss ratio is minimized

great method sir its a good trick to earn more coins so thank you for sharing your precious method :)


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thanks for this awesome post/video

bitcoin will not reach 20000$ till next year...

This time you have not used any bot sir.
i would like to know how we can make profit by using bots,
bcz the profit which we get from post is divided into two parts
one is steem and other is steem power
i would like to know is there any way to get max profit with bots??

well done sir..yor explanations is great..#mgsc

Great video.... for Bitmex trader👍


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Really Good stretegy.
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