Bitmex Success Formula 2 - Earn more with 90% Success Ratio !

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Hello Friends,

We are back with another great Bitmex earning strategy for you guys.Thanks for the support and appreciation for the last video.


Bitmex as mentioned earlier is a bigger crypto exchange mostly used for leverage trading or margin trading.The constant fluctuation in Bitcoin prices has caused users attention to divert in margin trading.But bitmex is also very risky, we are just posting this article and video for educational purpose.Here profit is yours and loss is also yours.In this strategy we will use less bitcoin but will earn more.So read down carefully below

Success Strategy, Find 3 Consecutive Wins :

Here you have to invest 0.8 Btc to the maximum but you have to keep the leverage and amount as constant.Suppose you open the long trade 1 when btc is at 6500$ but is gets liquidated.Again open the long trade at 5850$ unfortunately it again gets liquidated and we get again a loss of 0.1 btc.Once again we open a long order at 5265$ and we win this time once but again when we invest 0.2 btc we loose.So technically we are in loss of 0.1 btc again.

All we needis 3 consecutive wins or a btc rally upwards.Suppose it comes the next time when we take entry at 4739$ and btc went to 5265$, again we take entry with 0.2 btc and btc went to 5850$ we make 04 btc.Foe third consecutive time we take entry with 0.4 btc and it went to 6500$, we made 0.7 btc.


So, we made a profit of 0.8 btc and total loss of 0.3 btc

0.7-0.3 = 0.4 btc profit in fourth rally.

This is very simple strategy which can be used by a layman.


By using this strategy you can make profits by sticking to the plan but don't get emotional.This is little bit more risky than last bitmex strategy but it is more rewarding as well.Hope you guys will earn a lot with us.

See you soon in our next blog !

Don't forget to comment to your views below.

Sumit Kapoor
@money guruu

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Although Bitmex is highly risky but 'The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks'. -Mark Zuckerberg.
Your posts are awesome keep posting please.

@moneyguruu wow mind blowing strategy have not thought that way before , you are our inspection giving so many opportunities to earn online with you.. I'm here only because of you. Thanks and keep motivated us... God bless you..


Great words. Thanks keep supporting


Thank you Sumit Ji, bas apne senior se yhe umid karte ha, ko who hume vi support korte rahe.

I like your posts about steemit .
kea ap mujhy yeh bata sakty hain k main apny steem doolars kesy check kar sakta hn

Really working now?


Yes indeed

This is perfact method were people can earn with complete safety and very low risk as we all are aware Bitcoin and crypto market is at its low and we all were expecting it to go high, in earlier video also you given perfact call at perfact time. Superb..


Thanks so much

I checked your strategy both are too gud i like it and defiantly applied in my next trade thx for this..


Thanks, keep supporting

Excelant job sir nic post .your strategy is very nic but bitmex exchange very risky....

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High risk high reward

Awesome video @moneyguruu you are great

The less you response to Negativity, The more peaceful your life becomes,.... great strategy for bitmex trader, I have heard some negative in market but leave negativity and give us always this kind of valuable information.... 😊


Great that is what i follow


sure, you are great.... keep going on. God Bless you!

You are doing great job sir ... Keep doing this ,very useful information for cryptolover


Thanks a lot

after a long time man whats the matter!!


We are back on steemit check last blogs too

Stunning post👌

I am trading experience only 4 month. danger brother danger

great method sir, you always helps us to earn good profit, so thank you so much for sharing your important views and methods :)


Thanka, keep supporting

love it sir :) i love it how you gave evry single details in such a simple way whce helps me to get everything understnd so easily :)

Thanks for sharing this successful trick
Keep motivation us sirji

Wow your strategy is awesome, guys checkout my profile if you think my content is worthy then do upvote I will do the same.