Bitcoin To $65000 In 2018 - Bitcoin ETF Explained !

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Bitcoin To $65000 In 2018 - Bitcoin ETF Explained !.png

Hello Friends ,

As you all know i made video about Bitcoin ETF on my channel now here is blog in english so all can understand what is ETF and how it can impact crypto market . After reading this blog i would like to know your opinion on what you think can ETF Approval push bitcoin to $65000 in 2018 or not ?

So friends let's begin to understand

"What Is ETF ? "

So ETF means exchange traded fund where investment funds are traded on stock exchanges in different index .

So Why its so significant in crypto ?

Our crypto market has about 240 Billion market cap and price of bitcoin is $6500 at this market cap and we all know our market went to 800 Billion market cap in 2017 end and that time bitcoin went to $19500 So its very simply calculation if we want to see our bitcoin at $65000 then total market cap must be about 3 trillion which can only happen if Bitcoin ETF get approved by SEC as it will result in flood of money into crypto when traders will be able to trade with single click from there brokerage account to buy sell bitcoin .

Why Bitcoin ETF Is Not Approved Yet ?

Till date whenever Bitcoin ETF filler was filled to get SEC approval they had 2 main concerns to approve ETF which were :

1 - Lack of global regulatory rules which surrounds crypto and crypto exchanges and we all know Japan and south korea are two major countries which deal max in crypto and they had no regulations earlier but now both have regulation done for there exchanges and have regulation for crypto accepted . So one of the major hurdle is already cleared by now .

2- SEC has shown concern for investors money in case of hacks , private keys lost so what will happen if any of miss happening happened for investors fund ? So for that CBOE has stated that it has secured insurance for the investors and that means the second hurdle which was for ETF approval has also been removed this time around .

So now this filler from CBOE group has it all in it to get approval from SEC as its gives them assurance on things that they asked for and filler from CBOE in itself is big thing as it is one of the biggest and reputable exchange .

So what are your thoughts about CBOE ETF approval this time around ?
Do you think we will see it getting approved this time around ?
Do you think we will see bitcoin to reach $65000 in 2018 ?

What's Your opinion about it ? Pls comment below what are your thought about it ?

And here is the video for the same blog as well :

Will wait to get your opinion ?



bitcoin etf will happen soon

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Yes my friend carry on :)

@bitcoincompany this is what is needed for bitcoin next big pump ..

@moneyguruu Finally Market Goes to green and the initial stage of bull Run started! Hope BTC will cross 10k before this month end!

Why do you think it didnt reach the 10K as you predicted three months ago? Honest questions Im not trying to be a dick or anything. Im just new to this.

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Really Valuable Knowledge For Beginners, Thanks Zahidsun

same like steemit avi exchange start nai huwa hai. iske bare video banyea. steemit mei grow krna avi itna aasan nai hai....january mei start hoga tb grow krna hard ho jayega

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bitcoin will fall to the level of $ 3000 in the near future

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Hi this is just check

We will see how reliable your prediction is .

@tumutanzi over here i have not predicted friend i have explained about etf approval if that happenes then market can see new heights if you talk about my prediction its already $25000 in 2018 since i predicted in 2017 .

Hii sir. I m from mgsc group and big follower of u .please upvote me if possible because this is my first post.

I think that SEC will approve BTC ETF this time and I have all the faith around it because it is the third time they filed it, third times is a charm.

@cryptopie and when its applied by CBOE group most trusted exchange we can expect it to approve 95% .

Would you update us when the application been approved? Since it is expected to be approved soon...Thanks @moneyguruu for such an encouragement.

@joshvel on 10 th august there is every chance of it to get approved !

Hi @moneyguruu, everybody hope so because we are tired of this bear market, lets see...:))

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@intellihandling yes my friend as most of the people are tired of the HODL by now and such positive news can simply lift the spirit up for holders and can get lot of new investors in which will be great for our market .

My opinion is , yes , I would like for that to happen...

on account of me generally being in favor of me getting more money...

it is arcane.. I know..

even we hope for the same . @itstime

My mom used to say believe in what you invest and you will reap the rewards....
I am sure you and everybody else will get their rewards soon...
Have a great day...

I will say your mom has good experience [email protected]

Thanks..I am suprised you replied to my haha...
I thought it would go un noticed..thanks a lot...
Do go through my post as I am only 1 week old here and provide me of any valuable suggestions...
Have a great day :)

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I don't think this blog is related to ethereum cotract

You expect bitcoin to go hyperbolic 10x within the next 5 months? I don't care what the news are, there's no way this can ever happen.

No my friend i don't feel it will go to $65000 but yes it can for sure cross its ATH this year if this ETF is approved and i have just asked in article share your views can bitcoin be at $65000 if ETF is approved :) @drakos

Yeah, certainly. The ETF could get the boat rocking quite nicely.

You'll see in my blog that I agree, but lets hope the US are equipped for it as it seems the East are further established.

Yes only time can tell if its approved or not i for sure expect it to be approved !

Last year in May it was 2000 USD, in December it was 20 000 USD.
So that is 10x in 7 months. So it is not impossibe.

I don't think we're going to have a bubble every year.

Not very year but i believe once bitcoin reached $30000-40000 we will never see it below $10000 @drakos

$10000 would be a reasonable consolidation floor.

I hope that analysis and projection will be realize soon! Everybody will be in party if that h
Happen, lol.

May of us or should i say ALL of us is hoping for the btc to rise again same as before way back in the end of 2017.

@elizahfhaye only time can tell if this happen or not but for sure if it is even half of it by this year end it will be super relaxing for all investors in crypto !


what make bitcoin to deep in price .

Offocrse these futures contracts !

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If it should get approved - any speculation how this would affect ETH?

If bitcoin rise all crypto rise with it too so you can expect same with ethereum price as well.

If Etf work properly then they give us huge profit on coming days.......

@arjun216 indeed my friend ..

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great analysis. Hope Bitcoin will hit top soon

Hope this news will boost btc price

Bhagwan jaldi se ye din dikha do. Ab to ummid hi khata hone laga hai

$65k USD? I hope we just see it hit $10K by year end. I also hope I am wrong and you are right. Good luck to everyone in this space

It will for sure touch $20000 but yes $65000 is doubtful @sagesigma but only time can tell ..

I believe it will not reach 65000$ even with an ETF. Bitcoin need more than speculative price, people need to use it and buy real things with it.

This is one of the hype which will help it to recover a little there will be need of lot more such speculations and lot more things to get it moon this year around @chesatochi .

Hype it up all again

@skreza bitcoin need lot of hype to get it up again to its ATH !

Exchanges and shitcoins with low security are mostly responsible for these lows.. hackers would steal and just dump them as quick as possible lowering the prices.. only hype won't help.. better security and fraud prevention are top priority is what I believe is most necessary as well as hype..

@skreza you can say so but whales and futures is the biggest responsible for this i feel .

Bitcoin whales are large banks and multinational corporations.. and i have no idea about futures.. what is this? Can i learn more from you @moneyguru.. thanks

I know this is probably not the most popular, but it is a truthful analysis: BTC will not get anywhere near 65,000.00 in 2018. To be honest, we'd be fortunate to get it up to 10-15 k this year (I doubt it could get back to 20 k, as in dec 2018).
Bitcoin WILL be worth 65 k and well beyond, but that's probably several years in the future!

Not several year for sure ... It might not be $65k by end of this year but i am expecting it to touch its ATH this year itself rest only time can tell what impact ETF bring in crypto !

Hope Aisa hi ho sir we all waiting from january
Ab to bappa ka hi Sahara hai...

Hoga infact hona shuru ho gaya h .

@moneyguruu What happens at Bitcoin ??? Nobody can say, but we all will wait till 2018, and we have no choice,, what do you think Sir???

Good news. I want to know that,If bitcoin price $65000 in 2018 . We will see Steem /sbd price to reach $150 in 2018??

An exciting expectancy!!!

Lols you are just expecting to much but 100% it will increase atleast by 20-30 x from now . @rohit12123

Nothing is 100% and definitely not crypto...

I want to know that the value of each crypto currency is determined by the price of bitcoin ??

@rohit12123 bitcoin is mother currency in crypto and yes it drive all crypto with it .


I hold my all coins and tokens. #Bangladesh

Many people are still in a deep state of crypto delusion. It saddens me. 🙁

@introvertspeak has to be as people are now tired of those HODL

Yup i think so because all Altcoins depends on bitcoin.

@rohit12123 lets fingers crossed !!!

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I think there is no doubt that we'll see BTC price soar above previous highs - once ETF investing becomes more common. But, when that will happen is anyones' guess.

So far, the World Banksters and the U.S. Dollar have proven to be remarkable in their ability to scare everybody out of most of the "real" asset classes and into the fake /fiat dollar. As long as the dollar illusion continues to be generally accepted - or obscured by epic market manipulation - it's hard to tell exactly when the dollar will start to actually fail. I do not believe that it is out of the question for Banksters to literally go to war and fire off nukes in order to remain in control of currencies and real assets. Extreme measures will be taken, and it's anyones' guess how it will all shake out.

If 2018 has demonstrated anything to the crypto world, it is the fact that cryptocurrencies are just as prone to manipulation as any other currency out there - despite crypto fan-boys insistence that they are resistant to manipulation by banks and governments. In the future, it may become the case that cryptos are a better form of currency than what we are using today. But, for the time being, they are still a huge hassle for the average person to learn how to buy, invest, or trade with.

The game-changer for cryptos will not be "mass adoption," as many like to point to, because most Americans have heard of, bought, and sold some form of crytpos by this point in time - and they are not impressed. It will be "mass use" in everyday transactions. Until cryptos become much easier, cheaper, secure, and used for everyday transactions - I am not going to hold my breath for $65,000 BitCoin. Actually, if and when we reach a point of "mass use," 65K is probably a conservative guess. But, we still don't know if or when cryptos will ever even achieve thier potential. It could take much longer than we think - or it could happen next month.

There are tons of great use examples and possibilities for cryptos. However, they remain unrealized to this point in time. This "rocket to the moon" is off to a very coughing and sputtering start - and it doesn't feel like a very good ride if you're sitting on top of that rocket right now.

Right now, it's still all highly speculative. Buyer beware!

@bi5h0p what you said is very much true but we all know our market need lot of positive news to get back on track and this is one of those news which can really bring it back on track to cross its ATH this year .

Helo @moneyguruu Sir,Trade exchanged assetsimages.jpg (ETFs) can be an incredible venture vehicle for little and huge speculators alike. These famous assets, which are like common finances yet exchange like stocks, have turned into a mainstream decision. In any case, there are a few burdens that speculators should know about before bouncing into the universe of ETFs

how much amount you invested in this account please tell with step by step in coming video and how we can earn practically from investing ? Approx. how much return we can expect in percentage per month/year. Thanks

Today Just two countries, Japan and south korea are positive gesture to Bitcoin and we have bitcoin of worth more than 6500$

If all world countries start taking it positively then it has huge potential to grow

Still there is lack of education about crypto currency, is it easy for anyone to explain bitcoin to his grandfather?

But future of Bitcoin is great and I have more expectation with 2021

It's just OK that 2018 made double our wealth, as compare to July 2017 now we are more than 2X.

Yes i am expecting the same only . it might not reach $65000 by end of this year but for sure it can and should reach its ATH this year itself for sure it will need lot and lot of FOMO news to reach over there :) @real-info

Did not understood ?

Hy bro ... do you have any account named "gng" in ?

Hy bro can you please response to my question ?
You copied text from this link :

Can you confirm your identity ?

I am also waiting bitcoin to be on peak @moneyguruu you just motivated me.

@sscomm it is possible and in most worst situation also it should cross its ALH this year itself ..

@benkalashnikov check it out my friend 7467 $ is bitcoin price today :)

Weldone bro, I think bitcoin will not reach 65 K in this year, but we can assume it nearly 25K...
(it's my thinking and I'm not a financial advisor)
Also check out my post - and If like then show your appreciation & give your precious upvote.. -

For me as well i predicted it $25000 as well till end of 2018 rest lets see :) @steallion

@arjun9 we can just hope that this happens .

Now i have understood clearly about ETF. Thanks for your post. I wish it will truly happen.

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I hope this post did helped u @jariman

Very nice words about your life and my life with you and I hope you have a great day today with

I hope ETF will get approve soon. Thanks Sumit sir for your explanation.

But 65k is too much for this time around

Saw your video it's really a great opportunity for us to take the advantage.
If it's really happens we will get huge returns on it. Thank you sir jii for notify us early.

yup @moneyguruu is our real growth sirjii.
Well i am buying bitcoin😊.

yes you are right people who have dought they always stay behind.

i never doubt @moneyguruu because i know that Even if i loss little , One day i will make 100× of loss with his tip only.

@cryptotradingbd yes indeed if that happened it will result in trillion $ into our crypto market and hence we will see the heights in crypto which we always only dreamed for .

@ moneyguruu sir tell me how many time need coinmarketcap reach trillion dollar?

IT s 1trillion/240M
so 4.6 times current market cap

Yes it will grow but will ETF result in that growth this time around ?

If it happened? or course. But what sort of grow? I don't think it'll reach $30,000... I'll be happy if it returned to +$17,000 like before, which I think is very probable.

@ahmadmanga i am expecting it to go to $25000 this year !

I hope that too, it isn't that far fetched.

I am expecting around 25000$ by end of 2018 December , if it goes higher even better sir :)

That is my prediction since 2017 and rest only time can tell @arjun01 .

For me it's impossible to be 65k in 2018, Bitcoin In his best trend (dec. 2017) was 20k USD. Looking at google trends phrase "Bitcoin" is now searching 5x less than 6 months ago, well for me bitcoin will be 25k-30k USD in December

@Moneyguruu sir if BTC hit 65000$ then tron trx coin price possible???????

If everything hit all time high, What would be the market cap? It would be huge

1 Trillion atleast !

You can expect everything to be 10-20x from there price now if that happens.

Tron will be at least in the .20's by end of 2018 and that is on the low end disregarding what bitcoin does. If markets turn bullish we could see Tron at .50.


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Yes! As per deep analysis,many bigwhales waiting for the CBOE ETF approvals once it's done market will reach 1 trillion cap . so it will be at least 30k$ if not 65k $ . go go everyone invest in new block chain technology !!

Hype or what but we all want the same :) @moinece36

Hi sir
If India Government leverages Bitcoin in India, then the cost of Bitcoin can touch up to $ 20000 within a month.

but the possibilities does not looks promising now in India

If not approved then
???????????images (1).jpeg

reckless predictions is not a good idea at all

probably yes, i imagine a lot of speculators got in just because of the etf annoucement - crossing my fingers.

Possible but bitcoin is nearly at its bottome .

If this gonna happen then whole market will be in bull run
But If ETF is not approved then????

65K? I think in the end of this year bitcoin may go around 20k to 30K. but if ETF will be approved then it is possible that it can go more than 30k also...lets see what happens..:)

We can expect Bitcoin reached all time high again. But not more than that for now

slowly crypto market are going to maturity level where pump n dump are difficult and trader are serious and mature...

we can see a no of good news news about crypto in recent days that make out trust in crypto life more and more..

thanks @moneyguruu for sharing information and updating us for latest news n updates....

moneguruu is great , I follow him on Youtube for long

Dear Sumit,
I am recently join your steemit community but became your fan from long time. I upvote you also request you that please upvote me. you are my Idel in crypto market. please guide me for better thing i will do.
Wait for your reply........

moneyguruu, as you said about ETF is depending upon the exchanges and the country in which they are in existing. is there any rule or any way to promote ETF and get approval for it or any other Way??

For me it's impossible to be 65k in 2018, Bitcoin In his best trend (dec. 2017) was 20k USD. Looking at google trends phrase "Bitcoin" is now searching 5x less than 6 months ago, well for me bitcoin will be 25k-30k USD in December

previous time it took 18 days to reach 6 x so 6x from here can be done in again 18 days :)

I am very happy read your blog.but ETF aprove dec 2018

importent info tnx brother for share this post

Hope this time everything will be fine, it's can make this market widen for more people ;)

I think this will also not work because the wales will not allow this also, they are playing will us and testing our emotions and getting good benefits just because we are losing our hopes and giving them advantage.May be i am wrong but we saw this in recent past.

@moneyguruu sir, what is Bitcoin ETF...??? Did Bitcoin crossed 68000$ in Dec 2018..???