Bitcoin Can Repeat The History of 2015 now in 2018 ?

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Hello Family ,

Today i am sharing a comparison of bitcoin chart in 2015 -2017 which looks very similar to chart of 2018 and if the bitcoin followed the same patter again we could see the big jump very soon .

I know we all are waiting for bitcoin manipulation to be over soon and once it is over and whales turn bullish this chart can very easy be the truth for Bitcoin .

Its very important for Bitcoin to jump to new heights so we could see the jump in alt coins as well just like was at the end of 2017 .

Comment below what you all think about it ?
Do You Think we can repeat the history or Not ?

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hope it does .. i am counting on it :P


Me too


lets see


mee too


giphy (4).gif

Yes sir we all know btc will repeat its own history again we are all waiting for it and this is our currency we are supporting it and sooner or later world too.


we have to really wait .. or else our hard work will be of no use


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bro we all are waiting for it


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Can't say anything... But I hope it'll repeat.


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buy after brekout .. trand line so 100% upar jane ke chance rahta hey

H4 time

D1 chart



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You are right sir , i hope mkt go up as 2017 Dec everyone is really fedup of these whales for ruining small investor

As per history i have doubt . 2015 fiat traders given less impotence to crypto market but end or 2017 it drawn attention to all markets,Banks, financial companies even government of different countries around the world panicked if it take the place what will happen to common finance system.
Still they are struggling to find any easy solution . As crypto market is well established creating FUD is the only weapon to destroy . If fresh money enter and total cap can touch ATH market will burst out at the end of 2018

hoping for the best always, manipulators will manipulate, the main concern is not that. the only answer to the manipulators is to ignore the negative news, as everyone is well known to the fact that news plays a massive role in the crypto market.


kya market all ntime high jaega ???

I am excited about Bitcoin because it is the future and it not depended on chart or candle. It must grow with in 6 months


same thought bro


I'm follwing and upcoming
Please do u to

I hope it follows the same path,every coin is in super dip right now.

definately but before btc need to break 6800$ ressistance with high volume then we can say something about bulish pattern after then there is some ressistance which we need to break 1 by 1 after reaching 11200 we can find 2 major possibilities high deep upto 6600-6800 and in upper trend we might able to see 15000 then 25000to in this year yes am talking about 2018 guys..


For me it will reach $20000 this year itself it is just testing patience of investors and getting the week hearts out of the game ..

yes i think btc will repeat their history and cross 20,000$ till year end

It's happening due to our illiterate politician.

bhagwan kare ho jaye sabka bhala ho


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sure bro

Sumit Sir why crypto market is going down day by day when the uptrend come in this drowned market

Yes sir bitcoin will definitely repeat the history.

Indeed.....!! Happening Soon..


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we all have to keep our hopes up..
to get our money upto the mark..

Bitcoin going to moon coming soon

it will boom after the final verdict...come on RBI....


Most of the people are waiting for that

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I thing the charts are not always True because there are many factors we have to consider before predict the value and the biggest factor is Whales. Whales are the biggest wall in crypto market. To make profit they can manipulate entire market for example EOS and Mt.Gox Scam. but lets hope for the best and may this prediction become true and BTC will reach $25k till the end of December 2018.


100% charts are not always correct only because our market is lot more dependant on news -fuds and fomos .


right sir


ofcourse sir. seen to be same


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Sir,your study is good about bitcoin.

it will not repeat but will make a new history

it will raise again and just we have keep patience

Bitcoin Repeat History and maybe reach 25000$ at the end of year ....

some trend may can not be follow because of the economy change in current year.
guys follow and upvote...and give you back.thanks

From the chart its clearly showing that bull run is coming soon for Bitcoin.
And it will happen surely.

You are great

Sir, to Kiya,, 2018,,,, 25000 dollars cross korega???? Bitcoin


Ofcourse karega

BITCOIN IS DIGITAL GOLD. so no doubt for loss. it will go above the moon.

see my posts for predictions

Unbelievable sir and that is true this chat information sir


Sir and that is true this chat
Information sir

                 - deepanshusaini

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

ohh god we are just waiting for that .....

hoping for the best .. im just holding all my alts tight


me too

yes for sure

I think bitcoin movement will remain sideways untill end of 2019 and will see a drastic upmovement thereafter. Hope your view contradicts mine.

Bitcoin chart shows head and shoulder pattern

My prediction is it will go high in Q2 of 2019-20.

bitcoin jump to 2019 end 8 lac up???

Guru what you are saying is true bitcoin will jump for definite, but I think it will first touch down 5800$ mark first and after that will set up for the bullish run.

Offcourse it will Sumit, it will repeat the history again and write a new one too :-)

I think bitcoin will be bullish than when all indian believe it and our government regulise it.

Can not say anything about cryptocurrencys because.... today is less tomorrow can make new record in cryptocurrency..

I know about that. you are right bro

We cannot predict crypto at all its a big volatile market which is impacted by the whales and news.

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It is possible...Bitcoin always touch its all time high position

Bitcoin price will 100% hike back to peak or may exceed too till November.

Bhai hope that's the way it should be

I think you are right bro

History repeats itself.. nothing more to say.. those don't believe in it will regret afterwards when they miss the train. And will say:" kaash Bitcoin 6000$ aajaye tab kharidunga"..

i thought all these happened by whales manipulation

Finger crossed hope so Bitcoin repeat the same....

hello sir no budy can't stop bitcoin and bitcoin price, it will go to moon again

yes my thinking is too similar about this .. if this happen then more invester will come ..i mean more new ordinary invester like from our people . all tho hope for good

I Think... Bitcoin Will Touch All Time High(ATH) In Next Year:)

Hello @moneygurru ...have been following you in youtube. Followed you here too. Love your videos.

I think not possible bitcoin goes negative territory .Bitcoin touch 6200,6000 levels.

bitcoins future is now down... it will never go beyond $10k.....

Chart looks very similer. I am sure bitcoin will repeat its bull run like before.

yes we all hope for bitcoin repet history and we can earn profit .

we all hope for bitcoin repet history and we all earn profit.

Waiting from a long time to watch this😊

definitely it will go high.not only high its all time high...

i am already big loss my money in crypto who loss money in crypto in 2018 ????

Sir thank you so much for this information. Your posts are always helpful and yes i think it will repeat the history as charts are showing the same indications which we saw in 2015, we all are waiting for bitcoin to rise from last six months, now all we have to do is HOLD it strongly and make great profit from it.

if btc is going the last year top position that is enough

Yes sir...nw I'm in loss...hope btc move upward...

Let's hope for the best

Surely it will be on its peak price.

Surely it can be..

Yes sir eagerly waiting for Bitcoin to raise high and break all time record

hello sumit bro very nice and great work and i also join your step by step worked and i seen your worked here its great very nice and very help full thanks.
and know btc is down day by day and earn very very difficult so more lets wait and watch.

I think bitcoin will reach new heights shortly, its low now but should go high as we see in 2017 it will go high again in 2018 ends

Yup... Hopefully we will saw an emerging grown in Btc soon.

Yea it's looks similar as you showing in chart. But this year from beginning crypto market so down and for new person entry it's not good time . That's why it's going down and down . But in the last months mean Oct to dec. There is chance to go high ever we have seen this market .

Well, there are many factors that can affect this chart all of a sudden like volatility of gold and Bitcoin, regulations imposed by the government on bitcoins, media influence etc.

Nice but I calculated this chart but most of doughts not clear on my mind

Sir what about if bitcoin not legal in india

Waiting for price like 2017 since last 6 months almost. Not sure when will it happen.

Yes it will jump . Sir

sir you told us earlier too.and your story came true.thanks sir.sir you make perfect prediction

Sir ji what about alt coin like doge ripple

Really nice But So many Fraud In the Bitcoin market
But i think If u use bitcoin as a right purpose it can give good results for us
From my opinion Bitcoin Have To Legal In india

if in july btc touch above 10000$ then we can show past trends of still waitng for 10000$....... hope sumeetbhai.....

Yes. It will bounce back. But it will take time. May be end of this year.

Let's hope for the best sir...We all are eagerly waiting to rise of king of cryptocurrency...

Yes,it would definitely peak its all time high after the correction.

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Nic work bro

Hopefully we can see jump very soon, it will reach new highs in 2018 for sure.

Sir, I really appreciate your thinking. But as we all know that Bitcoin, never be effectd or driven by any issues, then what is the main reason behind this devastating condition of Bitcoin??