Altcoins are in beast mode ! Is this the beginning of Bull Run ?

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Hello Friends,

Hope all you will be happy to see the market from past few days, especially the alt coins holders.


In all our previous articles we asked you to hold the top coins and you can see the massive pumps in them in no time.Last week everyone was worried that is this the end of crypto and all but we suggested you to have patience and get your favourite alt coins along with whales at throwaway prices.

This justifies the saying; ''Buy one everyone is selling, and sell when everyone is buying''


You can see many of the top altcoins or we can say almost 90% of the coins on Binance are almost 20% up.Some coins have seen insane growth too like Ontology almost 150% gain, VET , NPXS, NAS, PPT, QKC etc all have given massive gains in very short time.This is the power of trading and knowledge of identifying best projects.The best projects are best no matter how much they fall once, they will also recover faster.

If you still waiting for more profits it is not good, don't be greedy.Most of the coins have given 20-100% profits in 2-3 days in this bearish market which is more than good.So we highly suggest you to book your profits now or take away your seed money out and play with profits.


Bitcoin is still holding the 6300-6600$ level from too long, it is stable thats why alts are growing.It needs to surpass the 6800$ resistance with great volume for 7000$+ levels in the future.It can even dump from here too, 5900-6100% is a crucial support zone too.Don't get too excited, trade safely.


So finally the super run in the market made an end to all the questions about crypto future.The negativity and Fuds in the market are just created to make panic selling so that whales can buy coins in least prices.Market is also very manipulative due to future trading.Take out profits wherever possible and enjoy.

See you in the next blog !

Don't forget to share your opinions in the comment section below.

Sumit Kapoor

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Bitcoin king


thankyou for information



now check bitcoin price it breaks on $6531 😊


Right bro

Crypto currency is really very unpredictable. Investment even after keen observation and study can lead to loss.
@Sumit Bhai, good observation.

Yes sir i am buy altcoin your last call thanks sir for supporting me every time im join esteem 15-16 days and work every day aap apna haath ham par bnaye rkhna😍😊

Brother i feel like this



Sir hame aapke upvote nahi balki aapka margdarshan chahiye ,esliye aap hamare blog ko jarur check kare aur hame btaye ki ham post sahi dal rahe hai ya nahi hame hamari kami btaye ek aap hamare margdarshak hai check jarur kare sir please please....🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thanks


Keep doing the hard work and follow my tips and tricks, good luck

Sir please suggest me which bots could I use for Paid vots which gives me return on investment
Sir please help me in this regard....


Refer the steemit series videos

thanks bro for sharing this important information #mgsc

yeah, Sumit sir.. you always make a positive vibes towards us. what do you think that when altcoins will break their next ATH ???


surely but along with time


Thank You 😊

wow its a great update sir,its very good to know that bull is in the way to run again so thank you so much sir @moneyguruu sir for sharing your precious experience :)


Thanks a lot, keep supporting

coming small bull run in alt coin
mgsc community


yup, enjoy trading

I'm also vary happy i hope market goes higher and higher.


I'm also vary
Happy i hope market goes
Higher and higher.

                 - abdul766

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


lol, same with everyone

Buy the DIP and make profit on the rise.


Exactly !


Buy the dip, unload the clip

I think is not good time for bull run. Wait for any good news Cripto market . Are you agree with me sumit sir???

It is so hard to predict the exact fashion of the crypto market due to its being so unstable. in only some pump or sell off, the market actions significantly and this makes crypto an interesting asset to make investments and exchange. if you recognize how the marketplace behaves and know how to play this game then you may earn massive due to its volatility. steem alternatively become so promising and i am so excited what steem will bring us inside the future:


Sure we are with the technology

Anyone who holds large amounts of altcoin is financially motivated to see altcoin succeed. That’s part of the beauty of the system.


Yes but i always recommend to not trade more than 50% on altcoins

@moneyguruu Very clearly Explained Sir. I am eagerly waiting for Big BULL Run. let's see when it will come ?

"Buy one everyone is selling, and sell when everyone is buying''thats the key...


exactly, keep this in mind always

It is just pure manuplation going on in the market we have to be safe and should avoid trading in this market


Sensible traders are making hell money !

Why is your steemit earning is so low now?


Because he stopped using bots

To take profits in the next Bull run, this is the right time to invest in crypto.

take profits and exit

Very Nice Post


Thanks a lot, keep supporting

nice article about bitcoin, all the best brother

So is it safe to invest in alt coins ?

@moneyguruu What about coins like Covesting . Can you say something about it ?


there are lot better fundamental coins in the market focus on top coins

Hi sir you are a good .profits in bull ran markit

Are you sure that now it’s on beast mode ??

Sir being frank I am quiet new to the field of crypto currencies.If you could give me some tips on how to choose the right coins and investing smartly,that would be very helpful.

Hey, @moneyguruu I really appreciate your predict on cryptocurrency but I have a doubt that this bull run take the altcoin price all-time high or it will take some time.


It will take some time for sure


Thanks for the highly informative writing.


Thanks for supporting !

nice work sirji. this post make aware to all cryptolover about ups and down in the market.
good work guruji. new to the steemit, your youtube fan
support us @prashant906

bitcoin and etherium is best