Why PIVX will hit $100 Million Market Cap?steemCreated with Sketch.

in bitcoin •  last year

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Support me to start my own masternode on PIVX. (Even 10 PIVX can make a difference)

Tip via PIVX Slack - @money-alchemist
Tips to PIVX Address - DB5JTE9wy47cvPuTGTVjS1o2uVobeCmZZT

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All valid points, Don't forget PIVX has been added to PoSWallet and will soon be on coinomi.


There should be some way to give thanks to the dash community though. Wouldnt you think?

I mean trust me i know free market and everything but id love to try to work something out with you guys to help sharedrop some on dash holders. Would u guys be interested in this if we could get it done?

This Crypto Currency has legs! @Pivx