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RE: How many Americans have heard of Bitcoin? Check out this survey to find out!

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I think bitcoin will skyrocket just like john mcafee said conservatively 500,000 dollars per bitcoin. I have also heard of long term estimates of 1.5 to 3 million per coin. This makes sense to me because when I talk about it to my friends and family they dont know what it is or the dont know how to purchase bitcoin. I beleive when a majority of the world realizes that there is a decentralized currency out there the sky is the limit in my humble opinion. I upvoted this post.


Hey Modiggy, am from Africa - Uganda and people here are picking so much interest because the currency here is rubbish. Only problem is most people can only afford low value transactions.

Hi my friend you can buy fractions of a bit coin like small amounts there are many sites were you can create a bitcoin wallet and purchase as low as 10 dollars worth of bitcoin I can suggest one site that I personally like and that is, you can even use gift cards to purchase some. I hope this was helpfull my friend because I believe we all could make some good money on this.

Thanks. I personally use Bittrex. Its been working fine but the last transactions I made were confirmed but haven't reached my Bittrex wallet . Its been over 48 hours, hope it gets sorted soon

Wow thats a long time, anyway best of luck.

Hodl on to your 0.01 btc. It will be worth a fortune in the future.

The BTC will simply be spent in Satoshi. Whereas, 1 sat = 1 penny, or hell, one day 1 sat = 1 dollar. That's a long way off though. Orrrrrr it's a big ass bubble and we're all doomed!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh the sky is falling! lol
No, i believe in a conservative(IMO) estimate of $50,000 USD per btc by 2027. That's been my investment strategy. Accumulate 10 btc and just park em, never look. I got in late but still made my goals without hurting the bank account too much. Also i believe the 95% of tokens/coins you see on any exchange will fail within a few years. I have picked a handfull that i believe will increase 500 to 100% in 5+ years and invested in them as well. People that are not daytraders and well versed in this need to be mature and look at the long game, that's where you'll do best. But I have much respect for the folks that can have the balls to flip btc and other top coins. People made fortunes over the last week.