MUST READ: The Most Undervalued Cryptocurrency of 2017!!

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This is not financial advice! Do your own research and remember, never invest money you can't afford to lose!

XRP is one of the most promising and exciting undervalued alt coins of 2017. We have already seen ripple recently executing successful tests regularly for proof of concept with American express between two live banks (one in the US one in Europe). Ripple is partnered with over 75 banks and financial institutions with new banks signing up nearly daily! XRP to moon!

For those of you who don't know what Ripple is, check! out this video:

Around 29% of my personal current holdings are in XRP not only because the payment platform has the potential to increase the value of XRP substantially but also because I think Ripple is going to provide a valuable service that the banking industry as a whole is in need of. Overseas transactions 24/7 practically for free. Once Ripple's payment platform is used globally, I think we will see a huge spike in the number of cryptocurrency users just because of the conversation generated around what XRP is doing to the world of banking. #Bullish

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Definitely will look into this one, but wondering what the heck Ripple many different cryptos...


It is a sleeper.. the company behind it (ripple) isn't much for big media announcements so the price doesn't break out and see huge gains often. But when their platform is finally used by banks all around the world the currency is sure to take off!


Sure helps that each transaction burns some dust xrp and that will lead to less and less xrp in existence also increasing value, after global adoption it could become quite valuable, most like early 2019 though when the burn really starts to do a huge dent


Thank you!


More than welcome

Thanks for sharing. XRP is intriguing indeed. I've been on the fence with putting a stake in and this piece brings up some good selling points, especially the transaction fees. At 29%, bullish might be an understatement. :P

I hope it pays off in spades!


I am confident that it will! Once XRP starts being used globally and large numbers of tokens get burned as a result of transactions we should see a huge jump in price!

resreteemed, good article