MUST READ: Coinbase goes DOWN?

in bitcoin •  last year


Coinbase, the biggest bitcoin exchange in the United States went down today in an apparent service outage due to ‘maintenance’ at a time when bitcoin prices are soaring to new all-time highs! Many users panicked as they attempted to access their bitcoin on coinbase only to be greeted by the "Service Unavailable" screen shown above. While the coinbase team did provide regular updates on about apparent progress on the issue the outage still had many users concerned about a possible hack. The website was eventually brought back online with minor problems with their email system for a short period before being restored to prior functionality.

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It's happened plenty of times before, with all the new users coming in daily, I'm surprised it has not crashed more


Agreed but it still causes quite a panic, especially to all the new users who are just hopping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. I am sure it would startle me as a new investor to immediately lose access to my investment.