Why DATAcoin's price decrease absolutely (in USD) and relatively (in BTC)?

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Today I’ll update what’s going on with DATA. Firstly let’s see chart since my last post about DATAcoin:

Source: coinmarketcap.com

Maybe you remember my post on Steemit on 27/1/2018. I’ll summarize it:

  • A cryptocurrency based on Ethereum
  • backed up by the experienced project management team
  • DATA solves the real-life problem – data streaming for IoT
  • Streamr provides a very good editor so Streamr is right now very useful for a common user

It’s obvious that correlation between DATA and BTC is very strong. Every peak or dip of DATA is accompanied by peak or dip of BTC. But watchful reader sees yellow line (which is DATA/BTC price) almost constantly falling (except peaking around 18/2). So what’s the reason?


  • They’ve started to update what each member of the team has been up to during the last 30 days (very positive)
  • They’ve hired new devs: Mariusz Roliński and Kare Nuorteva (very positive)
  • They’ve become (on 12/2) very transparent as they update their roadmap progress on Trello:
  • Unfortunately, they’re struggling to reach their 1st milestone as it seems to be done after almost 1 year only about 33%.

Source: trello.com

So it’s obvious they’re working hard and I believe they’ll achieve milestone 1 as soon as possible. To answer the main question of this article: The reason of price decreasing absolutely (in USD) and relatively (in BTC) is very probably due to the dissatisfaction of crypto investors and speculators as it’s extremely fast developing environment. So any delay in achieving milestones means price drop.

Writing this post me some time so I would appreciate your meaningful comments, upvoting or resteeming :-) I know how to reward your good comments, trust me :-)

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and everyone is fully responsible for their own investment decisions.

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