SPHYNX Launched with Fair Distribution and Soaring Value

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SPHYNX, a new cryptocurrency project, launched with a fair distribution model experienced a meteoric rise in value. The project opted for a fair launch, with no pre-sale or allocation for the team, ensuring an equal opportunity for all investors. This approach is commendable in the crypto space, where fair launches are becoming increasingly popular.


SPHYNX's fair launch was coupled with an impressive performance. Within just one hour, the token's value surged by a remarkable 6,000%. Trading volume reached a staggering $80 million, showcasing significant investor interest. To further solidify their commitment, the SPHYNX team burned $7 million worth of liquidity pool tokens, demonstrating their long-term vision for the project.


With a focus on fair distribution and a strong community focus, SPHYNX appears to be off to a promising start. With a recent listing on Bitget, the project’s future will be interesting to follow as it navigates the ever-evolving crypto landscape.



I see No value in meme coins

Really Bro?... It has made many millionaires and it will continue to... And really, you could give it a shot, you don’t need $100 to start, just something you are comfortable with!

It's a fun ride... Let me know if you wanna give it a shot

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