Bitget Strengthens User Security with AI-Powered KYC

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For those who are familiar with how far and realistic deefake has become, they will understand why Bitget is taking an urgent stand against deepfake fraud with the adoption of a new AI-powered KYC system. Basically, this move comes in response to a surge in sophisticated AI-generated fake identities being used to steal crypto assets.

Deepfakes pose a serious threat, with a 217% increase detected in the crypto sector alone in the first quarter of 2024. To combat this, Bitget has partnered with Sumsub, a leading KYC provider. This partnership reflects Bitget's commitment to user safety, a core principle of their "Users First" initiative.


I believe Bitget is a frontrunner in user protection, consistently implementing innovative solutions. They proactively keep users informed about potential security risks, as evidenced by their recent notice regarding the malicious browser extension AggrTrade.

"We urgently need new industry safety standards," says Gracy Chen, the new Bitget CEO. Through collaboration with Sumsub, Bitget aims to develop new security measures and share data to enhance user protection across the entire crypto ecosystem.


Bitget is breaking new ground in user safety by being the first to implement AI-powered KYC to fight deepfakes

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