You just missed an opportunity. Me too.

in bitcoin •  17 days ago  (edited)

I'm really considering to get a little bit more serious about trading. People might have their ethical concerns about that but I see it more like playing online poker. I never did that but I'm realizing that I'm not so bad with technical analysis. I tried it almost a year ago, made my experiences, gained money, lost even more money... And now I'm kind of back in the game since we're in a bull market right now again.

I was just waiting for this now for hours but I somehow knew that it will happen. I'm becoming more and more confident with my predictions. And I know it can always go in both directions.


Maybe I'll start to share my thoughts a bit and I'd be grateful for feedback.

Update: :D
New learning: never waste time on writing a post when you have the opportunity to sell for some good price.... :D


I'm a little bit sad that I missed this now... :P

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Crypto markets move fast :)


Hell yeah... Definitely