2nd Overall Pick in the CNBC Stock Draft: BITCOIN!

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

CNBC is holding their annual stock draft today and the second overall pick was not a stock!

Bitcoin #2 Overall Draft Pick

Well, it would of been cool to be #1 - unfortunately the Stevens Institute Investment Club went with Facebook.

However, pick #2 made by Todd Gordon a.k.a. "Flash Crash Gordon" was the lead crypto - BITCOIN!

Wait, isn't this a stock draft???

I guess anything that is traded on a market is eligible for the draft, but the bottom line is we just saw Bitcoin get picked in this stock contest.

Now the $20,000 question is will bitcoin outpace the stocks selected by the end of the year?

Anyway, you can see more details of the draft on the cnbc link below....


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Careful, usually the price drops when CNBC advertises Bitcoin 😁

There are news of Nasdaq wants to launch a crypto exchange... The best notice of week.

Thanks for your information.