Bitcoin Real: The 2nd Bitcoin of the Cryptocurrency Platform

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While 20 years prior it was elusive any blog in light of the fact that there were so few, these days it's elusive a decent blog on the grounds that there are such a large number of! Consequently I figured it would be a smart thought to make a post with a rundown of the 15 Best Blogs about Cryptocurrencies.

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What is The Bitcoin Real ?

Bitcoinreal is a digitized cryptographic money that is planning to accomplish each of the three center destinations of blockchain i.e.

  1. Security,

  2. transparency

  3. Instant installment exchange at modest rates. The thought has been created by Thesatoshinakamoto who trusted bitcoinreal will accomplish similar destinations that bitcoin neglected to overcome i.e. expanding riches among masses and riches dispersion similarly. To accomplish the aspiration to improve this world a yet more adjusted as far as money related autonomy; whitepaper of the undertaking has been distributed while Github account has been discharged as of late. It delineates a vital turning point for the undertaking as the source code has now been at long last uncovered after the diligent work of years.

The github account conveys source code, expansions for all gadgets and wallet points of interest. This shows devotion and energy of the group and emphasizes the aspiration set by him for an adjusted and fiscally autonomous globe.


Bitcoin Real is a Bitcoin Fork which will occur on the (TBP) square. It will have all highlights of most well known Bitcoin Forks (Masternodes and Staking with Proof Of Work and ASIC Resistance).

BTT Profile link:;u=1132170
ETH Address: 13wZtb4cfDxgU9RzbSyeBE251qTb1dEnQs


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