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Are you looking for a Bitcoin wallet? This is what you should keep in mind!

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 The Bitcoin, as well as many other cryptocurrencies, do not stop growing. More  and more users are encouraging themselves to invest in these  cryptocurrencies, both buying and selling and using their hardware  resources to undermine them and generate income. The moment we start mining cryptocurrencies, one of the most important  aspects to consider is where we are going to keep our coins, since  these must be kept in a safe and reliable place to avoid losing them or  hackers do not steal them.

A bitcoin wallet is, broadly speaking, a database software where we keep private the hashes of our cryptocurrencies. This is one of the most important points that we must take into  account when mining cryptocurrencies, especially when the number, and  therefore, the value of our currencies begins to increase.

Next,  we will look at the most important rules when choosing a Bitcoin  portfolio where we can securely and reliably store our cryptocurrencies.  These rules are applicable to any cryptocurrency, not only for Bitcoin. 

 Golden rules to choose a Bitcoin wallet

Undoubtedly,  the most important golden rule if we want to keep our cryptocurrencies  secure is to do it in offline storage systems, not connected to the  Internet. This is the only way to be sure that no hacker will be able to steal  our cryptocurrencies by attacking a website or a service connected to  the Internet.

If we want a Bitcoin wallet as safe and reliable as possible, it is best to buy a notebook and write down our private keys. This is the best way to prevent anyone from stealing it from us  through a computer attack, unless, of course, our notebook is physically  stolen.

As  a way to save the cryptocurrencies is the safest, but also the least  practical, since our notebook will probably not have the option to send  or receive payments in cryptocurrencies. For this it will be necessary to import our keys in a software purse to be able to process them. 

 Another alternative is to use hardware-based purses. These devices are responsible for storing our private keys securely, while we have it disconnected from our computer. This way, when we connect it, we can market with our cryptocurrencies. The best device is the Ledger Nano wallet as it's very secure and the cost of it is not too high.

Also there is a good wallet called Trezor that is similar to the Ledger.

Thanks to how these devices work, our private keys are always safe, even if we connect this device to an infected computer. 

You can check out the Ledger Wallet here: or the Trezor Wallet here: also there is other wallet called keepkey that you can view here , they all are good wallets and if you wish to secure your CryptoCurrency fully then it's a must!

 Another very important rule is that software-based Bitcoin wallets are very easy to hack. Therefore, it is advisable to use them only to carry out transactions, loading as little as possible in them. These  purses can be used both web-based, where a platform is responsible for  saving the coins, and as housed ourselves, being somewhat safer, but  also prone to attacks.

Finally, we should always have a backup of our keys. In  this way, if for some reason one of the copies is damaged or lost, we  will not lose our cryptocurrencies, and we can recover the money. 

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