Bitcoin dip: Good or Bad Omen?

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Cryptocurrencies will certainly never cease to amaze us
Bitcoin in a twinkle of an eye dropped to below $7000
A reflection of how Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2017 especially during the close of the year signified a boost in market. Comparison to today's Crypto market sphere...Hmm
A big question boiling in my heart now is...Will bitcoin possibly shoot pass $10,000 before the end of 2019?
The chart from Bitcoin graph on Coinmarketcap is quite hard to predict the exact outcome

images (22).jpg

Maybe another historic moment in bitcoin is yet to be unravelled who knows?


But wait...Bitcoin price has fallen to the lowest since May, 2019. Quite astonishing when you recall how it shot from $7k to $9k within a night. And now from $7k+ to $6.5k+...
images (2).png

Is below $6k avoidable at a time like this?
According to Forbes, "Bitcoin is about to make another significant move". That's quite a colossal come by if it happens any time soon.

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