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RE: It looks like we will hit 10 000 USD on BTC soon.

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Yes, this indicates a huge demand from wallstreet investors so a lot of money will brought to bitcoin by them!


I support with your comment 👍
Bitcoin to the moon soon 👌

@michiel @kingscrown could it be that people who took money out before segwit now gained confidence and is reinvesting? Either ways its good news for who invested in it. Mine was a very small share so even thoe the gain is not huge its considerable.

you are right bro

Wallstreet investors? do we really need this type of market manipulation, greed and corruption?

I totally agree. They don't seem to be the type of people who will hold Bitcoin as a store of value, more pump the price up by injecting millions in then selling off in one go dragging the price down with it. Very worrying times ahead.

definitely very worrying when these guys get involved. If the exchanges and the pump and dump traders aren't careful, the mass of people with the vision of world financial evolution WILL leave this space, however sad that would be, and the greedy bunch will be left trying to pump and dump on each other. The average guy is tired of being extorted by these idiots.