Joke cause declines in bitcoin?

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Joke played by actors at the blockchain conference of the Boao Block Chain Forum of Asia on the South China island of Hainan. The coming participants were greeted by the actor imitating Mao Zedung, dressed in a gray uniform typical of him and communist dignitaries from those years, and spoke with the local accent proper to him. The participants themselves, among whom there were people operating on a larger scale in Chinese crypto business, began massively abandon the event and leave the island in panic, so as not to be associated with the existing scandal This controversial marketing operation has caused a wave of harsh criticism and indignation in China. Died in 1976, the national hero, is widely worshiped as the founder of the contemporary People's Republic of China, and his image is on Chinese banknotes. In order for that to be not enough, Chinese law strictly prohibits the use of the image of both past and current leaders in product advertisements. The world's second largest economy, despite the introduced restrictions, plays an important role in the cryptosphere, including due to the fact that a large part of bitcoin mining farms are concentrated there. May this scenario, however, not be fulfilled and the confusion associated with the unfortunate conference has spread quickly on the bones.