Opinion on the Next Hardfork?

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Does anyone know what is going on here on Steemit?

Waiting for your comments.

Thank you
Daddy William


Hey brother, yes a Steem sister chain called Hive will be launching this Friday at 10am. Basically it will be the same as Steem with some minor differences such as excluding some Steemit Inc and their supporters’ accounts. The exact same amount of Steem, SP and SBD you hold will be airdropped to your new Hive account when it launches. After it launches, you will have both a Hive and Steem account, and you can choose to use one or the other, or both. I intend to use both. There will be many developers and witnesses moving exclusively to Hive. So I guess, it’s wait and see.

Thank you for your input and insight brother!

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